Let Me Be Frank

To my US readers:

Today we witnessed an attempted coup by Trump supporters, instigated by Trump himself, supported inside Congress by Hawley, Cruz, and others. At the very least they are white supremacist terrorists.

This should not get swept under the rug like so much of Trump's other misdeeds and corruption.

This needs to be prosecuted as the sedition and insurrection it is. It is just as treasonous as the secessionists of the old confederate states. It needs to be squashed, and squashed hard.

I'm a nobody. I don't hold any office, I don't have lots of money.

But I am a US citizen, and I demand that Congress, the FBI, and the Secret Service do whatever they need to to bring these traitors to justice.

What can we do?
  1. Start with demanding that Fox News be removed from your cable service for "material support of terrorism".
  2. Do Not vote for any of the treasonous GOP for any office, not even dog catcher. As long as the GOP embraces Trumpism, even if not in name, reject them utterly.
  3. Do not patronize MAGA businesses. Starve the beast.
  4. Cut ties with your MAGA relatives. I know it's hard, but this shit has to have consequences, even for the footsoldiers.
  5. Demand that your elected representatives denounce this, and if necessary, resign from the GOP..
  6. For the duration of the pandemic, observe all public health directives and CDC guidelines. Starve Covid of victims.
  7. If you can afford it, give to progressive/reformist causes, including the ACLU.
  8. Stay aware of both local and national politics. Be aware of the shenanigans being pulled in your name.
It's not a lot, but every little bit counts.

We need to pull together, or they'll try to pick us off one by one.

Even if they defeat this now, unless it has heavy consequences we won't be rid of MAGAt "Y'all Queda" terror until they have no support and no place to hide.