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Another Horror Plot

What makes for good science fiction horror is how close, but not quite, it is to reality. Handmaids Tale is the genre I'm thinking of. Here's one:

The world has seen the rise of a charismatic, almost messianic, set of right wing leaders whose followers have a religious fervor and a curious ability to tune out reality that doesn't fit what their leaders tell them. All of these leaders seem like puppets of *something*, but no one knows what. People who are immune to the cult's siren song, or are "undesirables" have started disappearing or turning up dead in gruesome ways. Our intrepid, frightened heroes have to figure out how to break the spell before they get dead.

To real? Or a great thriller?


Horror Thought

If you had a secret biolab, and could engineer a plague that would kill everyone over 70, including those nasty politicians who are destroying our world, would you do it?

Everyone over 70, gone in weeks, good or bad.

How about just men* over 70? (* "men" being defined as having a Y chromosome, which could also hit some intersex.)

My mind keeps seeing a young idealist makes a grave mistake, then scrambles to find a cure for his own disease, with the help of assorted oddballs.

LJ Password Breach

Article here

Change your password there, if you have one, and here if it's the same.

H/T to [personal profile] mdlbear


"Fate and Other F-Words"

Based a writing prompt on [community profile] crowdfunding here
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Precise Pilaf

So, rice pilaf is a comfort food around our house. This is my recipe.
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Mulled Cider Jelly

Do you love the taste of mulled cider? Want to have it available year round?

Follow this low sugar recipe.
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Ashes of Paradise

This was inspired by news coverage of the tragic fires the obliterated Paradise, California.

Roaring down the mountains,
Fire comes, unexpected
No time to flee
Cars melt in the flames
Hell has come to Paradise

Ash, soot, bitter toxics
Smoke chokes the state for days
Unhealthy Air!
Lives drifting on the wind
The ashes of Paradise

(tip jar in my profile)


I've been reading/watching various items about the current spate of wildfires.

Other people have said it better than I, but if you live in a potential fire zone, be prepared. Be extra prepared. If you can see forest from your house, have a evacuation plan.
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Happy (belated) Birthday to @dubhain

Hope your day was great!



Remind me to do some essays/lessons on building fixed shields, like on a house or a vehicle.

Note: most of it will be access list only, so ask me if you aren't already in.

Happy Birthday to @ladyqkat

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] ladyqkat!



I get so fucking sick of the religious argument against abortion.

Your fucking religion shouldn't tell someone else what to do. One religion shouldn't dictate the law of the United States. We are not a fucking theocracy.

But there's more to it than that.

We are talking about a fundamental right, to life and liberty here - the right of the woman.

The zygote/fetus is a dependent organism. Even if you believe life begins at conception, the host (woman) still has a right to abort that "life".

Here's why:

In US law, there is the concept of bodily autonomy, even for the dead:

.... Under existing law, if a person prefers not to donate any organs or tissue after she dies may be buried or cremated or otherwise laid to rest with her organs intact. This means, among other things, that even when there is an organ shortage and people who might otherwise have lived will die without a transplant from a suitable donor, the government lacks the power to take organs from a potential donor who, prior to her death, did not consent to donation. In fact, as I have discussed elsewhere, the legal presumption, in the absence of evidence one way or the other, is that people have refused to donate their organs post-mortem.

One way of thinking about this approach is to say that our bodies belong to us, both in life and in death, and we have the right not to share them with anyone else, no matter how helpful such sharing would be or how necessary to save lives. By respecting people's right to refuse to donate organs upon death, then, we are showing respect for each individual's dignity rather than viewing people instrumentally, whether alive or dead, as organ donors.

-- http://www.dorfonlaw.org/2014/01/the-rights-of-dead.html

These rights exist for the living as well. They can't hook someone up to you as a dialysis machine, or demand your kidney, blood or marrow, even if the recipient would be your parent, sibling or offspring (who would be the most likely match)!!

So why in the living fuck would a fetus have more rights?

Because pregnancy is a "natural" process, and the fetus is "where it should be"? So are worms and other parasites, but that doesn't give them a right to leech your blood and marrow. (Yes, an unwanted fetus is a parasite. In the case of rape, it is a parasite violently implanted by another person.)

Because it's your own "blood kin"? See above about parents, siblings or children. They don't have a claim on your body for life support.

So when you say "No Abortion", you are saying, essentially, that a woman does not have a right to decide what use her literal tissue will be put to. You are literally saying that a pregnant woman has fewer rights than a dead man whose son needs one of his kidneys or a bone marrow transplant.

You are essentially saying that she is a walking womb, a slave to biology and a man's sperm, having no choice but to risk her life (yes, folks, pregnancy is a risk to the woman's life, even if it seems to be going well) for the sacred fetus.

I don't care whether that's "what she was designed to do" - I don't believe in your designer, and even if I did there is still free will involved. Women are not animals, to be kept as a vessel for breeding children, cokking, cleaning and fucking. To hell with that shit.

So bodily autonomy, free will, and the right to privacy all come into play in the abortion matter.

That these "Pro (unborn) Life" people want to push their twisted beliefs about women into US law is horrifying. Most of these assholes (mostly older white men) want to restrict or ban contraceptives, too, because they interfere with "nature" (and their control over women.)

Now, of course, anything to do with pregnancy and being female is on the slate for being classified a "pre-existing condition". Women will become virtually uninsurable by the time most of them are thirty, except if they are married to rich men with jobs that cover their spouses.

They are trying to drive women back into the kitchen, stay at home slaves to their wombs and the men who own them. But that time is gone. We have had the taste of freedom, and it will live on, even in whispers, if they succeed for a time.
A lot of white feminists are rebelling against the idea of "intersectionality", saying it detracts from women, is anti-male, and encourages many of them to "play the victim". A classic example of this attitude is "Christina Hoff Sommers unleashes blistering critique of modern feminism at university lecture"

That's some grade A bullshit right there.

You see, most white women don't see a "need" for intersectionality, and they think it detracts from "feminism". That's primarily because they only have one axis of oppression: they're a woman. Everything else is stacked in their favor - the are pretty, thin, white, cisgender, heterosexual, christian, able-bodied, neurotypical, and all of the other stuff that is considered "normal" female. So to their eyes, there is only one oppression - patriarchy - and all the rest are inconsequential, since it doesn't affect them.  That's how you get TERFs - radical "womyn only" feminists who insist that anyone designated male at birth is forever one of the "oppressors", blah, blah, blah.

It's a really arrogant and privileged way of thinking.  What's worse is that some of them do have other axes of oppression, but they will oppress themselves rather than admit it. Mental illness, disability, poverty, alternative religion, etc, are shat on by our society too, but these one trick ponies won't admit that those things compound the issues that women in our society have to deal with, because they can often "pass" for normal.

So what is intersectionality, and why does it matter even to white women?

Intersectionality is a term coined by American civil rights advocate Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw to describe overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination. Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality,. Identity Politics, and Violence Against. Women of Color is the paper where the term first appears. While initially it was applied most often to women of color, it soon became apparent that there were multiple axes of oppression and discrimination, both major and minor.

The term tends to have an academic bend to it, and our anti-intellectual society doesn't much like it. Plus, a lot of mainstream white feminists hate it because it doesn't center
them, but rather centers women of color and the multiple areas of discrimination that they face. Oh, boo, hoo, hoo. I guess we white women will have to let someone else drive the movement, and acknowledge them for it. Because the world really doesn't revolve around cis het abled middle-class white women, and they get butt hurt pretty easily.

But for white women who aren't young, thin, pretty, cis, het, abled, neurotypical Christians, it matters a lot. It explains why those of us who don't fit the "norm" for white feminists don't feel welcome in those spaces. It explains why we don't fit in mainstream feminism, with it's celebrations of menstruation, childrearing
and dieting.

Another way of seeing intersectionality is by looking at it as facets of the individual's life an personality that interact and sometimes clash (intersect) with society and other people.

Let's look at my facets, some of which can be a two edged sword:
I'm white, disabled, afab, enby, butch, ace, physically disabled, have memory deficits, fat, on the high side of middle aged, married to another woman, childfree, geeky, science fiction and fantasy fan, filker, pagan, non-brit-trad, introverted, iconoclast, intellectual, writer, crafty, middle class, ex-poor, outspoken, tolerant of alternative medicine, progressive, own a small business, own a house, tend to clutter, and swear like a sailor!

That's over 30 facets, all of which can intersect with the biases and bigotries of others, and thus cause me grief. I'm not going to be able to hide some of them very well (pass), and I can't hide most of them for very long. So even though I'm white, there are a lot of facets to my life that your average cis het abled skinny Christian white person isn't going to be disposed to tolerate very well, and may well cause me inconvenience, financial loss, or bodily discomfort or harm.

I actually have examples of how many of them have cost me jobs, promotions, housing, social standing or friends over the years. It's not just because I'm assigned female, it's all of the other things too.

That's intersectionality. 

Now if you take someone like me, and flip the white to black or latinx, you end up with a severe uphill row to hoe in order to get anywhere in life, or even survive outside of poverty.  That's why the black womanist community uses intersectionality so much - because it more accurately describes the web of discrimination that they are trapped in in our society.

Since mainstream white feminism doesn't consider any of these things to be relevant to it's struggle against "the patriarchy", it tends to look down its collective nose at people who want to be seen as more than just a woman fighting the patriarchy. Mainstream white feminism sees this as "playing the victim", because we acknowledge that we are oppressed for more than just our gender, and that just curing the sexism won't magically make it all better.

As an intersectional feminist, I realize that racism, classism, ableism cis-sexism, heterosexism, religious discrimination, dominionism, anti-intellectualism and even fascism are part of and adjunct to the struggle against simple sexism that feminists engage in. In our society you can't really tease apart all of the biases, they overlap so much it isn't even funny.

But women like Christina Hoff Summers will sit in their smug little privileged world and talk smack about people who discuss intersectionality, and spread their particular brand of privileged bullshit. And the NY Times and The National Review will give them friendly, sympathic coverage. Thus my life, and the lives of other people who have more than one facet that our society discriminates against, will get a little harder, because we've now been labeled as "playing the victim", along with all of our other conflicts with people like Ms Sommers.

You know what I have to say about that? Fuck Christina Hoff Summers and her smug white feminism with a rusty chainsaw. She does no service to any women who don't pass her brand of narrow, white, middle class, cis, het, able-bodied feminism.

If that's "real" feminism, then I'm not a "feminist".


I am mostly on DreamWidth now, only cross posting to LJ. If you haven't claimed your name over there or added me, and you want me to read your stuff there, my user name is the same in both places. In a month or so I will try to merge all f the comments and stuff together, and redirect LJ comment to DW.

Why DW? A few reasons: US owned and operated. Open source software. Not anti-gay Russian crazy law.

While my journal is not pornographic or even smutty, I deal with adult themes, adult language (I swear like a sailor), and adult life - therefore it is marked 18+. If you aren't 18+, sorry.

Not Up For Debate

So, certain types of people on social media think that things like civil rights, religious rights, gay rights, or women's rights are subject to "debate" and "negotiation"

What a crock of shit.

Seriously, would these straight, white hetero, Christian men like for the rest of us to start "debating" if they should be "allowed" to marry a woman, be straight without losing their jobs and homes, walk down the street without being subject to search because they might be a Christian Nationalist terrorist or opioid addict, or whether they should be allowed to purchase condoms or viagra without the permission of their wives or mothers?  I very much doubt it.

You see, when marginalized people stand up for their rights, they aren't demanding "special" rights. They don't want to jump the line at the county clerk's office for a marriage license, they don't want to annul hetero marriages, they don't want to outlaw Christianity and deport all Christians and white people as suspected Christian Fundamentalist or White Power terrorists.  They don't want to search every white person at least once aevery ten minutes when they're walking down the street, and put them in handcuffs on the ground if they've ever had martial arts training.

That non privileged people just want what the privileged people have - equal rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, privacy, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, ability to work and be paid the same as anyone else with equal skill, the right to have a place to live that isn't in a slum, etc.

These things aren't suitable for debate. Because if a person doesn't think that marginalized people are entitled to equal rights, then they don't believe that those things are rights at all.

So, I'm Sorta Back.

Yes, I drifted away from LJ/DW, entertaining myself with the frivolity of Farcebook and the supposedly serious environs of Medium. I even used my wallet name on Twitter.


After a while it felt like I was exposed, my self raw for the world to abuse, judged for my name, gender, gender presentation, age, disability and occupation rather than the content I wrote. I'm not used to having my personal and professional life so damned intertwined.

I have decided that my primary posting location will be Dreamwidth, because fuck Russia.

Most of my stuff will stay friends only. My paranoia is starting to get tweaked by the creeps in the White House and Congress.

I would like to offer a smack upside the head to all the people who have been using my wallet name and my pseudonym interchangeably. It is very uncomfortable, especially nowadays, especially as I'm finally allowing myself to explore why I don't fit my birth gender identity. (People who've known me a long time know that I haven't been comfortable as "female" for most of my life, but don't have a burning need to perform masculinity either.)

Anyway, hi to people I haven't talked to in a while.

Dropping By

Well, other than the fucking blue on white glare forms for posts and comments, I miss the old LJ. As it is, if they want to imitate FB and G+, I'll just use those.

I've been on FB under my wallet name, and the only reason I bother is because I have family connections there. When LJ tried to become FB lite wannabe, everyone just gave up and went to actual FB. Trying to imitate someone else's success never works well.

I miss the old LJ. My eyes hurt jut typing this entry, and the form doesn't display properly on Linux and FireFox because of bad CSS.

Well, This Is Unpleasant

The stark white on blue kindergarten interface of LJ is getting more ubiquitous, and harder on the eyes than goddamn Facebook.

Plus, my Friends Page is now a hideous light blue and white mess, not my style that I want it seen in.

Seriously, assholes, get your fingers out of my design. If I wanted ubiquitous blue and white I'd be using Facebook, and you'd have nothing.

Dear Whoever

If I have to justify my rights to you, or "ask nicely" if I can speak, act or live, then you don't consider them rights at all, and we have nothing to discuss. If for you it's just "policy" or "debate", but for those like me it is life or death, I do not consider that you have a say in the matter.

Sure, you might claim to be "involved(a)", but if I'm "committed(b)", and you can just butt the fuck out.

Note: Think a ham and eggs breakfast. The chicken is (a)involved, the pig is (b)committed.

Thoughts on Homelessness

Several years ago, in my early twenties, I was literally within weeks of being homeless. My car was dead, I was unemployed and almost out of benefits, had been eating rice and ramen for almost 6 months, and I was being evicted from my apartment because they were raising the rent by over $100 a month (30% more). I was literally less than a month from losing everything I had. The "public assistance" stuff at that time was only available to women with kids, not able-bodied students.

I got lucky - I found a (temp) job I could get to by transit, and another apartment that I could (just barely) afford. I moved on the last weekend before the end of my notice. All during this time I had no medical insurance, of course, so even when I trashed my ankle a few months later, I just ace bandaged it, stayed home from work for two days (unpaid) and took lots of ibuprofen.

But I will never forget, staring into a dingy bathroom mirror on a soon to be overpriced slum apartment (complete with roaches), telling myself I would never let myself get that desperate again. I already had too many men catcalling me on the streets, following me home from the bus, etc - how the fuck would I survive without even a car to lock myself into? How would I cook, what could I eat or drink?

Ever since then, I've always had a few months of food "in case". I've always tried to keep a car that I could sleep in, if I had to. I always had "camping gear" available, ready to hand. I've always had a plan B, plan C, and plan D, and fret if I don't.

I always will.

I wasn't raised a few weeks away from homelessness. I was middle class, professional parents, etc.

But that was before Ronald Reagan was president, and the shredding of the safety net.

So every time someone shits on the homeless, I take it personally. That could have been me, but for a lucky call from a temp agency. The only difference, in a lot of cases, is that they never got that lucky call.

Two of my roommates were homeless before they moved in with me. Both veterans.

I don't go on marches and all of that. But my friends know that if they're a bit short on food, if I've got something they can use to eat, it's theirs for the asking. If someone needs a couple months crash, if I've got room, they can have a roof for a while, but not necessarily forever.

I will not vote for a Republican who is heir to anything resembling Reagan's "legacy".

No matter how much I make, no matter how high I rise, a part of me will always be a terrified twenty-something looking at living on the street with nothing.


$1301 WTF PG&E!

Just got my most recent PG&E bill: $1301!!!!!!!!

Yeah, December was fucking cold, but holy shit!!! 3240 kwh???? Plus, January has yet another rate increase. 90% of that is at $0.363/kwh - tier 4, let us bleed you white because you dare to heat your home or have electronics.

Tier 4 is 200% of baseline and over, but the fucking baseline is set for a single person in an efficiency apartment, with one small fridge, one dinky tv, and no gadgets or electric heaters. Not an old victorian with a one lung furnace, several computers, cell phones, tablets, stereos, multiple fridge/freezers, and 5 people!

I have hated their ever-shrinking baseline since I was in a two bedroom apartment. I haven't been under baseline since I was in a one bedroom with no TV and a small fridge by myself. Then my bill actually showed a small uptick when I used my freaking sewing machine. That was 30 years ago, and the fuckery has only gotten worse.

I will be so glad when I get the solar installed. That will knock down the top half of my bill. The utilities aren't liking solar power much, it eats into their obscene profits. They can't gouge as much at the top tier, fuck you in the ass without lube, rate.

The State of The Bird

Unemployed, but at least I qualify for unemployment, which will cover the mortgage for six months. I just need to come up with the other $3000/month operating expenses, including COBRA at over $1200/mo. I will have to liquidate my stock in my old company, but I won't lose money on the deal. If I didn't have that reserve, I'd be terrified right now. As it is, I'm quietly panicking - I'm 52, and Silicon Valley is ageist as hell. Datapard hasn't even been able to get temp work for over 4 years.

I have had phone screens and interviews since the day after I was let go. Unfortunately, it's still an employers market (thank you, GOP) and they want the usual laundry list of every specific little program in their environment. Some of them even call me about contract opportunities at my previous employer!

Fighting the winter unemployed blues, but doing OK if I remember to take my supplements, especially vitamin D3.

I still need to put the new power supply in my Linux desktop (the original blew last July) and unload the half dozen or so blog posts and stories that are trying to burst out of my brain. I can't do them on my laptop because it would aggravate my RSIs too much. I may need to take the Windoze netbook and see if it will run Dragon Dictate or something.

My health is okay, but I really need to get a new neuro to get an updated sleep study and script for Imitrex.

Because I have had high (as in above $600) utility bills, I did qualify for zero down solar. Considering how much the PG&E rates have been ratcheting up in the last few years, locking in my rate increases on half my utility costs to 2.9%/year is a good deal - it flattens my cost curve a lot. Plus, if I overproduce, I can sell to the grid, which actually helps stabilize the grid on hot days. I had said when I owned this place I wanted solar, now it's going to happen. Still need $$$ to do painting and other repairs. If I get work in the new two months, I can use the liquidated stock for house repairs.

Gastric Bypass is a Deadly Hazard

This is why I will never have that surgery (from another blog about something else, names removed):
Three years earlier D had gastric-bypass surgery after which she lost an extraordinary amount of weight. By 2008 she needed a skin-reduction operation. In August D went back into the hospital for that surgery. Within a few days of the operation she became terribly ill. Her intestines had unexpectedly twisted causing her to become septic. Eight days later she was gone.
This woman's daughter had been bullied about her mother's weight. Not her own, her mother's weight. After she committed suicide over this and other bullying, her mother, D, got the bypass surgery. Three years later she was dead from complications. So now there were two casualties from the fat-shaming.

Gastric bypass is major, life threatening surgery. It can kill you just as dead as committing suicide from bullying. It's elective, no matter how much your doctor bullies you into it. No matter how much supposedly well meaning friends and family try to bully you into it.

What bypass pushers are saying is they would rather see you dead than "fat".

Fuck that.

Yes, it's your choice, but the fact is that it can kill you earlier than any supposed "complications of obesity". Sure, people get lucky, for a while, then 3 or more years later can die anyway. It also causes severe malnutrition and calcium leaching.

Ask yourself this: Is living up to society's expectation for a trim appearance worth dying for, worth leaving your family desolate and grieving? Is being fashionable worth your life?

Then make your choice.

P.S.: I know some of my friends who read this have had the surgery. Since it's your body, it's your choice. However, I can't agree with you on it. I'll support you in doing what you wish, but a part of me cries at the risk and the waste. I don't want to attend your funeral because of fashion.

Oh, yeah...

Getting married tomorrow. Aug 1 is the anniversary of our DP, so we put the wedding on the same day.

Small, local ceremony officiated by a friend. No big anything. Probably a reception at a later date (at a SF&F con, natch.)


Respecting People's Schedules

You know, I really try to respect other folks plans and schedules. I will cut stuff short so I can be where I need to be to allow for other people's arrangements, and try to be as flexible as I can. But some others can't be bothered to extend the same courtesy to me. Read more...Collapse )


After much 'round and 'round, we are all signed, sealed and delivered and paper shuffle completed. I start paying mortgage on *my* house July 1. *phew*


Taxes & DOMA

It cost me $564 to get my taxes done this year, because of DOMA and Prop 8. If those two things weren't there, I'd make an honest woman of DataWolf, and do the (joint) taxes myself for a cost of ~$150.


I told you so

Food, drink industries undermine health policy, study finds

The only thing is they forgot the other half - the diet/exercise/pharma industries who make $$$$$$$$$$ off of selling us the "cure" to the problems caused by the food and drink industries. Hell, look at who puts out the "Weight Watchers" and "Jenny Craig" "food", and how much crap it's loaded with.

It's interesting that no actual cures for diseases seem to have come out of the medical/pharmaceutical industry lately - just very expensive pills to "manage" the symptoms for the rest of your life. Diabetes has been around for how long, but all they do is make slightly better medications to "manage" it, not find a cure.

But what do I know, I'm just the product of the TV generation.

Link Sausage

Alternet, Mother Jones, and other reality based or liberal sources:

* Latest Pathetic Conservative Attack on Social Security: Disability Fraud Hysteria
Move over Welfare Queen. The Disability King is the new pet scapegoat for all that’s wrong with America.

* A Fetus Is Not a Person if it Costs us Money, Says Catholic Church
Forced to put its money where its mouth is, the Catholic Church backs off on the idea that the fetus is a person.

* Hillary Faces Down The Angry Men
From simpleton Ron Johnson to delusional Rand Paul, GOP senators swung at the Secretary of State and hit themselves.

* Obama's Failure to Punish Banks Should Be Causing Serious Social Unrest
A new PBS Frontline report examines outrageous steps Obama's administration took to protect Wall St. Wall Street from prosecutions.

* An Academic Smackdown: Refuting the Absurd Social Science Claim that "Poverty is in Our Genes"
* Personhood USA's Unhinged Response to National Advocates for Pregnant Women Study
* 4 Freedoms in America That Don't Exist Anymore
Freedom seems to exist more in our minds than in reality.

* A Girl Reads the New York Times: Why Are All the Front-Page Articles By Men?
The paper of record can't find any women reporters?

* When the Law Won't Call it "Rape"
If there's confusion among the public (and politicians) about rape, baffling, conflicting state laws make it worse.

* Fracking Boom Overwhelming Hospitals With Uninsured Laborers
* Read My Lips: Yes New Taxes
* The Way It Was
The Beatles ruled. The mini was in. I was seventeen, and pregnant. What happened next is what could happen again.

* Texas Public Schools: Still Teaching Creationism
* Bobby Jindal Thinks the GOP Isn't Right-Wing Enough
* A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year
Violence against women is incessantly overlooked, both in America and elsewhere.

* Boy Scouts Losing Big Funders Over Anti-Gay Policy
* No More "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice"
Op-Ed: It's time to abandon confusing and limiting labels and live dangerously in abortion's grey area.

* Coke: Wait, People Thought Vitaminwater Was Good for You?
* Top Earners Set to Pay Most, Especially Married People
* How to Avoid the Prying Eyes
* U.S. Still Suffering Depression Conditions: Paul Krugman
* The Science of Why Comment Trolls Suck
The online peanut gallery can get you so riled up that your ability to reason goes out the window, a new study finds.


Dear $vendor,

When I go to your web site, and order a product $X, I expect that you have $X in stock to ship to me. If I wanted a backorder, there are dozens of other, cheaper vendors who can backorder $X, but who are honest enough to not when they don't have an item in stock.

Even if you have to suddenly backorder an item, tell me that you have done so, instead of waiting for me to wonder if the post office has lost it or something. If I have to ask you where it is, and you only then tell me it's backordered, I will cancel the order.

No love,



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