Another Horror Plot

What makes for good science fiction horror is how close, but not quite, it is to reality. Handmaids Tale is the genre I'm thinking of. Here's one:

The world has seen the rise of a charismatic, almost messianic, set of right wing leaders whose followers have a religious fervor and a curious ability to tune out reality that doesn't fit what their leaders tell them. All of these leaders seem like puppets of *something*, but no one knows what. People who are immune to the cult's siren song, or are "undesirables" have started disappearing or turning up dead in gruesome ways. Our intrepid, frightened heroes have to figure out how to break the spell before they get dead.

To real? Or a great thriller?

Horror Thought

If you had a secret biolab, and could engineer a plague that would kill everyone over 70, including those nasty politicians who are destroying our world, would you do it?

Everyone over 70, gone in weeks, good or bad.

How about just men* over 70? (* "men" being defined as having a Y chromosome, which could also hit some intersex.)

My mind keeps seeing a young idealist makes a grave mistake, then scrambles to find a cure for his own disease, with the help of assorted oddballs.
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Ashes of Paradise

This was inspired by news coverage of the tragic fires the obliterated Paradise, California.

Roaring down the mountains,
Fire comes, unexpected
No time to flee
Cars melt in the flames
Hell has come to Paradise

Ash, soot, bitter toxics
Smoke chokes the state for days
Unhealthy Air!
Lives drifting on the wind
The ashes of Paradise

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single candle - dreamingcrow


I've been reading/watching various items about the current spate of wildfires.

Other people have said it better than I, but if you live in a potential fire zone, be prepared. Be extra prepared. If you can see forest from your house, have a evacuation plan.
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