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Oh, for Peat's sake...

I just peated the soil around my blueberries. ;-) Their leaves were turning yellow, and that usually means the soil is a) not acidic enough and b) not retaining moisture without drowning. All of the resources online say to mix peat 50/50 with the local soil for blueberries, so I did. I made a nice peat mud, and turned it into the soil around my berry bushes. They seemed happy about that, although they are still too young for me to be able to "talk" with coherently.

datapard watered her onions, and the front strawberries, and then we set up a drip watering for the strawberries in back. We both then happily came back inside to cool off.

Tomorrow I get to transplant my Alpine strawberries, which are miniature sized.


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Apr. 25th, 2004 02:55 pm (UTC)
Sounds good and I am fearfully envious. It's been ten days since we noticed the first misting of new leaves at the tops of trees, and I was right and the housemate was wrong--not much has happened since. It's too cold. The grass is benefitting from the couple of rainy days in the past week and greeing out. Saw my first dandelion foliage yesterday. A very few shoots that could be bulbs in some cases are huddled under bushes and behind garages. But in one case at least, it's daylilies, so it will be a long while before ehre are any flowers. I couldn't even find a flowering plant for my desk in WalMart the other week. That patch of "lawn" behind our garage looks odd--the two thirds of it nearest the wire fence is churned up earth, while the grass is coming back in the third near the garage side. That would have been where I would have put in your ivy had you sent me any, but the housemate confirmed my suspicion that she loathes ivy. Pity--I could always have macheted the bits that reached the pine tree at the far end of the sliver, whose shade is part of the problem, but poor neglected tree, I wouldn't want it to get dragged down by great nets of ivy. I'd just like to cover that ground and possibly the fence in something living--and kudzu can't survive here.

Berries--yum :-)

Apr. 25th, 2004 07:08 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately kudzu does survive here. It is threatening my azaleas at the moment. It covers everything! My poor husband thought that it was grapes and so doesn't {make that didn't}keep it from our fenced area. Now I have to try to keep it from creeping across the old kennel and into the house. Too bad it doesn't survive where you are. I would gladly send you some! WE seem to have an overabundance of vines and mimosa trees that are taking over. I guess that is what I get for wanting a xerascape yard.
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