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Drip... Drip... Drip... and Ashcrap

Well, it's hot today. While I do have an air conditioner (I finally broke down and installed one), I still get cooked when I go out. Without the A/C, I'd get a nasty rash on the side that is semi-paralysed. Bleah.

The Register has an amusing way of referring to that fascist jerk Ashcroft - they call him "Lord Protector", because the arrogant prig acts like he has appointed himself as such. Did you know that his real claim to fame is losing his congressional seat to a dead man!! Yet the dweebs in congress (before Jeffords crossed the aisle) confirmed this staunch advocate of Christian theocracy and government surveillance as attorney general of the US!!.

Quite frankly, as bad as "Jack Boot Janet" Reno was (Waco, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzales), this guy has me very concerned about the future of basic rights in the US. He has no regard for the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, and Fourteenth ammendments, and only abides by the Second when it comes to election time. (To see what those ammendments entail, go to NARA, Exhibit Hall, Bill of Rights.)

Some people think I'm being too paranoid, and that "Well, we have to give up some trivial freedoms to be SAFE..." Fuck that. If we destroy the very foundation of our society and country to give us a (false) feeling of safety, the fucking terrorists WIN. If we become a rigid, lockstepped theocracy, we become like they are, and they'll still hate us - because they don't directly rule us, and we have more money and better land.

So go to hell, Lord Protector Ashcroft, and we'll do our best to send your soul mate Osama bin Laden to join you.

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