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Car Pay Monday

Bleh. I got my car back Saturday, $1305.00 later. *whimper*

I felt like s#!t this morning - I think my sinuses hate me. Sushi with wasabi for lunch only helped a little. So I still feel like s#!t

I'm still fighting with NFS mounting a root fs after etherbooting a kernel. I think my initrd needs changed, or the nfs server is still wonky, or both. I can't get it to mount a usb stick as the root fs either, just the hard drive. It tries to read the USB stick - the little light flashes, but it doesn't finish it's boot thing. I've got all of the modules and options compiled into the damn kernel (2.6.5), but it hangs - at different places depending on whether I'm trying for USB (/dev/sda1) or NFS (dev/nfs). More fun, the initrd that I have that works with the hard drive (really ide flash, but) is not a standard initrd image that you can gunzip and fiddle with, or even mount on a loopback device, so I can't check the linuxrc script to see if the damned drive is hard coded in there. *gaaack*!

Yes, I'm whining. a) I wanted to use the money to pay down bills, b) I do not like finding puffy face and bags under my eyes on mondays, and c) damnit, it shouldn't take me over a week to wizard out arcane kernel booting device foo - it's not supposed to be rocket science, and I wonder what little, stupid, pickyune detail is staring me in the face.

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