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Survey says...

Swiped from sailorjim
Abortion?:The woman's body, the woman's choice. Public funding should be available - I pay lots of taxes for stuff I think is immoral (like CIA plots), so that is no excuse to whine.
Death Penalty?:In cases where evidence is *NOT* circumstantial.
Prostitution?:Sure. Regulate it, tax it, and make sure the working folks get tested.
Alcohol?:Scotch, please.
Marijuana?:Go ahead, I'm think I'm allergic to it.
Other drugs?:Your body, your problem. Don't mess over others, m'k?
Gay marriage?:Why not? Equal opportunity for equal heartache, divorce, custody, alimony, and marriage penalty on taxes. It's not a threat to me.
Illegal immigrants?:Unfortunate, but systemic. Un-screw the immigration system, the visa racket, and all of that, and I'll consider being against it.
Smoking?:Your body, your lungs, your right.
Drunk driving?:No. Assault with a deadly weapon while under the influence.
Cloning?:Parts, yes. Whole people, no, not for organ harvest or slavery.
Racism?:Silly. Cultural biases, well, I think some cultures suck.
Premarital sex?:Your bodies, your choices.
Religion?:Your mind, your choice. Don't expect me to live by your weird beliefs.
The war in Iraq?:Wrong.
Bush?:Impeach the bastard for high crimes against the Constitution.
Downloading music?:Paid under unencumbered licenses (no DRM), or if you already own the album and need MP3s, or if you want to get an idea what they sound like.
The legal drinking age?:18. If you're old enough to vote and die in the military, you're old enough to get drunk.
Porn?:Your mind, your choice.
Suicide?:Your life, your choice. Just have some consideration for those who have to clean up after you.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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