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Holy Big Brother, Batman

  • 1st they will chip and track the homeless like this to "prevent crime" and get federal money.
  • 2nd immigrants will be chipped and tracked "to fight terrorism and illegal immigration".
  • 3rd ex-cons will be chipped and tracked "to fight parole violations".
  • 4th people on welfare and/or food stamps will be chipped and tracked to "prevent fraud".
  • 5th disabled people will be chipped and tracked "to provide better medical coverage for those at risk".
  • 6th children will be chipped and tracked to "prevent abduction".
  • 7th adults will have to get chips to get any banking services "to prevent money laundering".
  • Finally, all children will be chipped and issued their (linked) social security number, providing "cradle to grave service eligibility and identification", along with total location awareness.

Hello, Big Brother. It always starts with the unwanted and unrepresented, then moves to children, then the few remaining.

It will be a crime to be a "blank" unchipped person in about 40 years.

The article may have been a hoax: http://thunderbay.indymedia.org/news/2004/04/13282_comment.php

Still, the fact that it is so frigging believable is downright scary, and what is a hoax now may be our reality in ten years.

Edit 2:

The reality, however, is almost as discomforting. See this report on HMIS by The Electronic Privacy Information Center about a plan to collect extensive personal and invasive information from homeless clients, aggregate it, and then *store* it for 7(+?) years.


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Jun. 16th, 2004 03:52 pm (UTC)
Sorry, ravan you missed one. They are already testing the chip on animals. It has become patently obvious to some of us that soon, if your pet is not chipped it will be refused shelter when it gets lost and immediately uthanized or sent to a foster home so that your chances of finding it are slim to none.

I can just hear the rationale now. Can't you? Well golly gee this works so well with keeping our pets safe it sure would work great to make sure Alzheimers and all nursing home clients don'e wander off. You don't object to our chipping "Grandma" for her own safety, now, do you? ---- and who, distraught over the illness of a parent of mate is going to have the balls to say no? I am, for one and I hope my children will too.
Jun. 17th, 2004 01:57 am (UTC)
Already way ahead of you here in the UK. They've thought of a way to make it a touch more acceptable to the public.

1] They issue ID cards with the chips built in, first to asylem seekers, new immigrants, the homeless, and those on welfare benefits. To prevent benefit fraud.

2] They then ease in the issue of universal ID cards, and make it illegal not be carrying your card [yes, this is part of their stated timetable.] To prevent crime and "help fight the war on terrorism" [how does it do that I wonder?]

3] Once everyone becomes used to the ID cards, they then move to inserting the RDIF chips under the skin directly, starting first with all new children to prevent baby-sntching from hospitals, and provide an ID card nobody can lose.

They're already starting on step 1]. Give it another five before were being chipped.

Oh, and they don't even need to put up any new hardware, they can track the location of the chip from mobile phone masts, just the same way they can track the position of a mobile phone. [except of course, you can't switch the chip off.]

This most definily is not a hoax over here. The government has already said that is what they intend doing, for the reasons you stated. What's more worrying is that all three main parties over here are in complete agreement over this one, there's no-one opposing it.

And of course, once one country does it, others will follow. Smile citizen, Big Brother is watching you!
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