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And Another...

Just f*cking great. My roomie M, who went *back* into the hospital this weekend due to *more* angina, is undergoing heart surgery *again*. Yep, they had put in a stent, and now they say there's more blockage *above* the stent. So for the second time they get to saw open her breastbone. The first time was in April. She won't be thrilled. I know I'm not - she's very irritating when she's in pain, and leaves her mess and junk all over to boot.

This is her third round in the hospital with this - this year. She's had severe migraines for years - they blew it off as "drug seeking" or "psychosomatic". When she finally started having shortness of breath, they said "you're too fat, lose weight" (nevermind that she eats too little as it is).

She actually had to start getting chest pains before they even looked at heart problems. Then they said "Whoa, this should have been treated ten years ago!! It would have been simple then." Nevermind that she has beenm having steadily worsening migraines for *over ten years*!!! Nevermind that she has gone to ER for migraines at least twice a year during that time.

They blew her off - in spite of the fact that cardiac problems in women present differently than in men. Until she started having male type cardiac symptoms, they treated her like a neurotic, hysterical female with "women's problems". Now it's more expensive, more risky, more painful, and ten years of her life have been wasted by the headaches and bullshit.

Did I mention that she's on medicare? The only hospital worse than Kaiser in the Silicon Valley is Valley Med - they automatically assume that any medicare patient is just a junkie looking for drugs. She didn't even get any attempt at treatment before she started going to El Camino. Even Stanford saw the comments that the Valley Med quacks had made about "drug seeking", and made light of her problems. Her cardiac specialist is up in Redwood City.

I really want to strangle a pack of doctors. There are more quacks practicing medicine in this area than there are real doctors, apparently.


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Aug. 6th, 2002 05:37 pm (UTC)
Doctors need to be throttled when they misbehave like this. Kaiser had always been a bane whenever I had to deal with them professionally. I assume it is still true.

Prayers en route.
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