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More Weekend Recap

After the last update, datapard got home, and was overheated, so we cooled down a bit. Then we went back out and planted the basil in the ground, and potted the trailing type mint in a hanging planter.

To top off our day, we then rigged the bamboo cross members onto the tall stakes for the tomato plants. I fed them fertilizer spikes earlier. We only have 4 tomato plants - 2 cherry and 2 roma - but one of the cherry tomato plants has exploded. Apparently they like lots of water, but on a slow and steady basis, not flood and dry, and they don't like their leaves wet. Hence, the drip system.

I did end up with a bit of sunburn from all of this, of course, including the dreaded Red Neck!

Saturday, we both got our hair cut - we were overdue for it. Then we went around to a couple of computer stores, including the one that has discontinued and superceded titles for ~20% or less of their original cover price. I picked up books on CSS, Java, and Linux - all of which I already have... Someone needs to send me his address, wulfmann, so I can ship him his belated birthday present!

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