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Illiterate Hypocrites

One nice, mellow community I am in, purely as a recreation, has turned into a hotbed of fanatics and hypocrites. No, it's not childfree.

When you decide to start a community, you have the freedom to set the rules your way. It's your community. But, once you publish those rules, not following them yourself is hypocrisy.

I loathe hypocrisy!!

It may be your right to piss in your own community, disregard your own rules, post uncapitalized crap diatribes in defense of fanatics and fools without the lj cut that your own rules require, but it is still HYPOCRISY, and pisses away whatever moral standing you have as a moderator. "Do as I say, not as I do" is bad for communities, folks.

If you want to change the rules, fine. If you want to note in the rules that the moderator will not be bound by the rules of the community, fine. But otherwise, there is no moderator exception without blatant, community destablizing, hypocrisy. Even a moderator exception rule is a bit hypocritical, but not nearly as bad. When joining the community I might find it amusing, and join anyway, or slimy, and not join.

On a side note: How many people actually read the community rules for communities they join here on LJ? I know I do.


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Jul. 27th, 2004 04:25 pm (UTC)
Hmm. I speed-read them, because I speed-read pretty much everything that comes up on screen in front of me. But they often bear little resemblance to what actually happens--like with urban_decay. Basically I join very few communities anyway--I prefer e-lists for that.

Marion idly wondering which one it is . . .

Jul. 28th, 2004 12:32 am (UTC)
since you're talking about me i guess i'll comment here.

i really don't know what you're so upset about. i'm moderator of the community and i had a message. it was not a normal post, it was a post regarding community business; my feelings on what was happening with the post in question and member behavior in future posts. i don't make a habit of going into such detail on a subject in normal posts. i usually abide by the community guidelines, say my peace briefly and lj-cut large photos.

when i include a photo with a serious message i usually end up getting a comment on the photo and no acknowledgment of the text. i thought i'd try a different and more direct approach this time. the subject of community civility comes up on a regular basis. i was hoping this latest approach would get noticed. haha, and it sure did. hopefully some members understood my purpose for the post and could appreciate my feelings on the original subject.

i would hope people would read the guidelines of a community before they join. it would make everyone's life a bit easier and spare any hurt or upset feelings. life is too short. i've always had an open door policy on the community. you can either discuss it in the community, provided there's no name calling and foul language or you can email me directly.

i haven't had time to answer all the replies made to my post but i will do my best to take care of it tomorrow.
Jul. 28th, 2004 04:19 pm (UTC)
If you had a) cut tagged it, b) left out the PETA boosterism, and c) learned to capitalize I wouldn't have had a problem. But the fact that the PETA fans and slavish suck-ups sat there and called me names, without you saying a damn thing about it, makes me think even more you were far more interested in sticking up for PETA than promoting civility and rules adherence in your community. While it is your right to piss in your own community, I consider it my right to call you on it.

This is why I wrote this rant in my own journal, rather than spewing more grief and flamage in what is ordinarily a nice community with very cute pictures. Here I can cuss and call names. There it is against the rules.

IMO, moderator comments should be short, direct, and cover the point of which rule is being reminded of. The PETA stuff was extraneous, left doubts as to your real message, and was a bit irritating. Also, there is a bit of a difference between "[organization] is a pack of nuts" and "[poster] is a nut for liking [organization]". The first is an opinion, the second is an insult.
Jul. 29th, 2004 01:15 am (UTC)
first let me say, i realize some people can't handle my using all lower case letters. it's a habit i picked up at work. i don't know that it makes me illiterate. i think it just makes me a little different, or lazy. ;)

anyway, i fear you've really missed the point of my entire post. let me point a few items out for you.

i purposely did not cut it or include a photo so people would be more apt to read it. we've had a community conversation or two about how seeing a teaser photo is more likely to lead most of us to click on the lj-cut to see more. having no teaser photo and just a cut makes it easier to move on to a pretty picture we can readily see in the next post. i was hoping that no photo and no cut would help people realize the seriousness of it.

"peta boosterism"? i wasn't sticking up for peta, quite the opposite. the mention of peta riles so many people up that it usually sends the conversation into a tailspin and the real subject is obliterated. i wanted to say my peace about helping animals and not getting bogged down by who does it and how they do it. by discounting peta immediately it's like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

i didn't pop in and say anything, and still haven't, because i haven't had a chance to yet. i work during the beginning of the week and my posting time is usually limited. i assure you, it was not by design that i didn't step in and break the hoopla up immediately.

it seems to me that if the subject hadn't been peta you might have gone right by the post? you seem very emotional about them.

you have every right to cuss, swear and do anything you like in your own journal. we all do. i haven't checked out your friends list but i doubt you have as many friends as kittypix has active members. i really have to keep the flames down to a dull roar. i do let people go on and on longer than most mods do but that's because i honestly don't like to censor people.

re-read my post if you want to see the real message. i think you jumped to a conclusion and just got crankier as the post went on. it appears that way to me anyway, based on the many complaints you had about it. i do agree i can go on and on sometimes. i usually save it for my own journal though. if you look back on my mod posts in kittypix they are pretty brief and do include cuts and photos.

i like your icon, btw. that's one of my favorite books and i just watch the movie for the millionth time the other night.
Jul. 29th, 2004 10:20 am (UTC)
it seems to me that if the subject hadn't been peta you might have gone right by the post? you seem very emotional about them.

Nope. It wouldn't have mattered whether it was PETA, Greenpeace or the Sierra Club. You still spent more of the post talking about how to advocate for animals, and why PETA wasn't so bad, than why people should follow the community rules and avoid name-calling.

Because kittypix has so many members is why I think it is a highly inappropriate forum for advocacy. You have everything from vegans to NRA members there, plus all political persuasions all around the world!
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