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Droll Update

Since I haven't posted much content here lately, I might as well hold forth.

Work: I'm really not a software engineer. Really. I'm a systems wank. I configure stuff, and try to fix it when it breaks. I can do *minor* makefile and C hacking, but rewriting the damned things are straight out. But my current job is a stretch, and I'm beginning to doubt that I have what it takes. Can you say stress?

Creditors: I've started paying the next one down - the biggest assholes, and the biggest debt (at 25% interest, it doubles every 4 years...). Apparently, that has prompted yet another one to pop out of the woodwork with snotty letters. I got another one today. The irony is, the only reason I didn't file bankruptcy 2 years ago, when this was snowballing the worst, is that I couldn't afford the goddamn filing fee!! If I end up out of work for more than 3 months again, I'm filing. I'll probably get screwed, but at least I'll have it dealt with.

Home: A mess. Literally. Heavy cleaning when mobility impaired just isn't possible. My one able bodied roomie is a pure, unadulterated slob. He has taken over all but two rooms in this house with his crap and mess. I literally *can't* pick it all up. There is literally NO clear counter space in the kitchen. There are only two places to sit in the living room that are clear - his recliner and his computer chair. The back porch is a gigantic trip and fall obstacle course. He refuses to recycle, or even cary the recycling to the curb, because they had increased the garbage charge when they introduced curbside recycling here over ten years ago!! So we (including me) have tons of recyclable plastic bottles and paper that have no place to be put, and won't get gotten rid of even if they had a place!!

Politics: The bushie neocons, and their corporate and theocratic allies, actually keep me awake at night, trying to figure out how a one handed gimp like me will fight the new reich they are trying to establish. They are barely bothering to be subtle any more. I am too old and too poor to emigrate, and they'd try to take over wherever I went anyway. I'm not a leader, or even a clever rebel. All I can hope to do is hope to keep my head down and try to pick up the pieces when it all goes to hell.

Cheerfull, eh?


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Aug. 14th, 2004 07:08 pm (UTC)
If you decide to file, let me know. I can very heartily recommend my attorney from when I did it last year.
Aug. 16th, 2004 10:19 am (UTC)
Glad to see you posting again. And yes, I should be in bed rather than trying to catch up.

Commiserations on the recycling. Funny how people shoot themselves in the foot trying to express their anger. Housemate rightly resents the landlord sticking us with paying the trash hauling fee ourselves (a note in his Xmas card to us, no less), but the fee is identical whether one recycles or not. She smooshes it all together, except the newspapers, which she insists she will one day take to Rotary. She enjoys getting cigarette ash and kitty litter all over it to make the municipal sorter she imagines she is keeping employed working hard for his/her minimum wage. I suppose where you live, as in NY, they check and you would get fined if you just mixed it all in with the regular trash? I know you can't do the smuggling out of recyclables that I do.

re: the effective monarch of this so-called republic:--I don't think able-bodiedness has much to do with it. Or even numbers--after all, most people voted for someone else. It's all about ruthlessness and some folks' love of being tyrannized.

And on that note ... bed calls.

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