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Well, I got the VPN to $Job working this morning, and the Citrix ICA client for their remote desktop. Then I called to arrange a "debris box" (dumpster) to be delivered tomorrow, and had to go out of my way on my way to work to sign the agreement and pay for the damned thing. Then I went to work, got the command line perforce stuff set up. Now I can work from home in the wee hours of the night and on the weekend when writing documentation (yeeccch, test plans!) and make up the time I lost to sleep monday.

This weekend will be spent throwing junk away, hopefully. Hopefully I will be able to get at some of my old boxes of crap and clear them out too..., but maybe not this time. The fun will be going through old boxes to see if they are for stuff that is still under warranty. If they are, they have to be kept because of so many companies wanting "original packing material". However, if it's not under warranty anymore, the box gets chucked!

We still need to find a place to recycle the damn dead fridges, dead freezers and dead TVs. Fuzzy and one of our former roomies accumulated a horrible number of these, and our back porch looks like something out of trailer trash central. Yuck! I/we keep getting stuck with other people's crap, because they bring it to fuzzy "in case he can use it" or some dumbass thing. Since the next quarter will be too wet for another dumpster, at $50 a pop I figure we could get rid of about 7 big items for the same amount of money.


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Aug. 22nd, 2004 02:19 pm (UTC)
Surely there is a used/refurbished appliances place in the region that would take the stuff and haul it off? Rather than its going to the landfill?

I'm a packrat myself, but not on the scale of refrigerators and washers--besides, my family vibe tends to make them combust.

Sounds good on the work. But you do have to sleep sometimes. They knew this when they hired you.

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