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Money Grouse

Friday is payday. I get paid weekly, most of the time, at the current $JOB. I put in extra hours last week. I just got done putting in my (weekly) share of the rent, paying my cell phone bill, and paying my cobra, and I have only $65 left!!

Next week I have a dentist appointment (cleaning) that runs ~$95, so I will have to hit savings (I do put a little in there every week to try to build an ooops cushion). I have to call yet another impatient creditor, and see if they will take ~$100/month when I'm working.

Now, I make OK money, and I believe I earn every penny (just from the frustration and brain bending alone). But it seems that no matter how much I make, it just slips through my fingers like room temperature water. This phenomenon drives me insane!! I figure that the next time I'm out of work for more than 3 months, I'm filing for bankruptcy, even if I have to borrow the filing fees!

The $325 for my medical insurance is just murder, but my current contracting company doesn't offer medical insurance, even at cost, on a pre-tax basis. So I pay cobra after tax, and it sucks mightily. I sincerely hope I can use it as a deduction from my income on my taxes. Figure 9 mo x $325/mo = $2,925 this year alone - and as a single filer, without a mortgage, I take it in the shorts at tax time. Even though I don't make even $100K, I pay taxes like I was Richy Rich! Fuck GW Bush, anyway.

My only consolation is that I have fewer credit payments now than I used to, but it will still be almost forever until I'm debt free ($35K at 25% interest, minus $400 a month??) Just FYI, I've already paid off, over the last year and a half, ~$7K. At the same rate, it will be ten years before I'm out from under, assuming my income remains the same, which I really can't do.

Maybe, since next month is crunch time, I can stand to put in enough hours to set aside money for Yule shopping and stuff.


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Aug. 20th, 2004 02:41 pm (UTC)

Just a thought, which you've probably already had: if you don't go to the doctor frequently, would it be cheaper to get a high-copay, low-deductible insurance?

I try not to think about exactly what is taking all of my money. When I do, I'm totally overwhelmed by the volume of debt.
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