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Very Interesting... Cui Bono?

This article is very telling. I have now a new latinoid term to savor:
cui bono - who profited, who benefited
[cui bono?: (A maxim of Cassius, quoted by Cicero), For whose advantage? Generally used, however, as, What is the good of it? - SackLunch.net]
Who stands to (or has) gained the most? It follows along with the other concept that I espouse for addressing political and government malfeasance: follow the money!

I also ask the same about the Iraq mess - cui bono? The California deregulation scam and gouging, Enron, offshoring, the whole Israel/Palestine fiasco (makes Ireland look tame), ad nauseum: Who benefits? Follow the money!

The picture isn't pretty.

I am not a fan of nanny-state Democrats, but they're better than low wage, borrow and spend, corporate catamite, theocratic, bedroom snooping Republicans. I still wish both parties would learn that government needs to mind its own damn business, and stay out of people's private lives if what they're doing isn't hurting anyone (besides the ones doing it - I firmly believe in the right to harm yourself, if that's what trips your trigger.)


Aug. 30th, 2004 07:17 pm (UTC)
I still maintain that a nice, long look at what trades were done the afternoon before 9/11 in the brokerage house of Cantor Fitzgerald, which (coincidentally???) exclusively handled the funds for the Federal Reserve, would have been extremely edifying. But of course, those records were completely destroyed with NO chance for any offsite backups, weren't they...

Who got mysteriously, untraceably, REALLY rich on the afternoon of September 10th? Who had a case of "Suddenly, Money!" on that particular afternoon? Find those people, and you'll undoubtedly find people who knew about 9/11 in advance.

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