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Garden Goings

Well, the strawberries in back have rooted well, and are sending out runners. I've even gotten a few, when I could fight my way past the junk on the back porch and in the yard to get to them. I have a redish stain on my purple denim jacket from the juice of one of them. They haven't gone toe-to-toe with the ivy yet, though. The ones in front are doing ok, but not as well, but that's understandable considering the explosion of tomatoes that we had casting a bit of a shadow on them.

The blueberries, OTOH, were doing fine, with the drip watering and all that, until it rained heavily. Now their leaves are turning red and dropping off. I don't know whether that's their normal cold weather thing or not. Time will tell. If they don't last through the winter, we are going to totally dig up that area, remove the rocks and some of the clayish soil, mix what's left with sand, peat, and acid plant fertilizer, and try again in the spring.

We planted 4 tomato plants: two cherry tomatoes, two romas. They were sickly for a while, then we put in the drip watering. The cherry tomatos exploded, and shadowed the romas. We still get a few ripe ones every day. We also drip watered the various herbs, with good results. When it rained, though, the basil fell over, onto the walkway. I think it's gone to seed or something. We may well dig it up or plant it elsewhere.

So I don't entirely have a black thumb, but I suck if the plants rely on me ro water them daily or something. If I go away for a weekend, or work weird hours, potted plants tend to die on me.


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Dec. 3rd, 2004 03:29 pm (UTC)
Still sounds wonderful.

One of the houses I used to deliver to--Sunday only and then they cancelled, so now I only go there with the damned Budgeteer--has thoughtfully chosen stone knickknacks in the garden and quite a nice job of homey landscaping . . . and a trellis arch over the entrance to the front path with honest to goodness black grapes growing on it. Nice-tasting, too, till the frost got them. I can't imagine why they didn't harvest them, but they did look so fine . . . who knew grapes would grow here? and in such a rainy, cool summer?

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