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Regarding Diffs:

I signed up under ToS 1.1. The current is 1.5. The diffs are here. Lots of differences. While under LJ alone, the newer ToS wasn't a big issue, because they were "wink and nod" lawyer CYAs. With Six Apart, though, I think they'll drive a fucking mack truck through the whole thing, and screw us sans lube in the process. After all, we never had to re-agree to the new ToS in order to log back in. (FYI, I was already logged in, and won't have to submit formally to the new regime until I have to log back in, IIRC.

Yes, the advertising stuff was in there, but with the owners saying that they wouldn't, it wasn't a worry.. The obscenity stuff was there, but again, it was just used to club the egregious people and keep the lawyers happy. With Six Apart, I don't have that warm fuzzy feeling.

As I responded to another person elsewhere:
I give it six months, actually, for ads to start popping up.

They'll also go to a multitiered pricing structure, with how much you pay determining how many entries and comments you can make per month. Free users will still exist, but they will be cut to one user icon, and one post per week and one comment per day.

I'm not paranoid, I've seen this type of thing go down before. The fastest way to make me squirm with an ISP or an employer is to say "We've just been bought by ... and nothing will change except for the better!" It's invariably a lie, IME. It may take a year, but it happens, like the tide. The first time it happened to me was in 1982. Does that tell you that this just might not be a fluke?

Err, that should have read "a more multitiered pricing structure..."


I never had to agree to the newer ToS before signing in. The enforcement, and the dealings I've had regarding Six Apart before, are fueling my "paranoia".

I won't bail, if only to be around to tell you "I told you so" when Six Apart drops the hammer. I've been through this type of service provider merger/buyout before, and it is never pretty for the smaller company, and its loyal users.

Several times burned, several times shy.

So all you people who call me "overreacting", "far fetched" and "paranoid" can get stuffed. I know what my gut says, and I am seldom wrong, unfortunately. I saw what Six Apart did to their user community with the move from MT 2.6 to MT 3.x, and it wasn't pretty.

Yes, I'd love to be proven wrong over the next year. But I doubt I will be.


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Jan. 6th, 2005 09:09 am (UTC)
As I said, it comes down to attitude. And to the Trotts we're not people, we're an asset, to quote her post. They're also pretty upfront that their primary motivation is to make money.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that if they figure they can screw us and still make money, like AOL do to their users. They'll do it.

I say we're fucked.
Jan. 6th, 2005 10:06 am (UTC)
Is there an alternative?
Blogspot or some other provider?

Jan. 6th, 2005 03:16 pm (UTC)
It's rather clear that a lot of the legal mumbo jumbo is to make this communications forum a lot like the rest of the ones that have been taken over by corporations who are attempting to cooperate with certain terms of the Patriot Act and "Homeland Obscurity".
Jan. 23rd, 2005 01:40 am (UTC)
I am just wondering here. Is it possible to maintain a free account which links to a forum running the pro edition of discus? That way you can set up as many public and passworded threads as you wish with automatic archiving and isp blocking where warranted. The software is about $150 or so for the professional version, but there is a free version too which just doesn't do automatic archives and lacks the automatic password assignment too.

If six apart doesn't do well, then it is time to just start over. It would take some doing, but it could mean the end of shit from the takeover company.

These are just my spinnings on possible problems. As of now, middle January of 2005, there are already problems with the lack of personalization of comments and in decisions made regarding the under 13 journal community.
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