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I woke up this morning hoping it all was a bad dream. The way my day went yesterday, it could have been. But no. We've still been sold up the river. Then I read more comments to my comments in someone else's journal. I hate young, arrogant snots who think they've got all the answers.

So, I go through and read the ToS like a Six Apart lawyer would, all shiny and new, therefore I'm overly paranoid? Fuck you, Mr Smirking Skinhead. LJ had stuff in there to CYA. Six Apart will use that like a license to drive, right over us.

Yes, I cherry-picked phrases - the lawyers will too.

I was none too pleased with some of the stuff in the ToS to begin with, but it was a small outfit, and I figured they just lifted someone elses ToS, or portions of it, to use for their service. The owners made it very clear that they believed in free speech, and would use the least restrictive means to police content. Now a money-grubbing corporation that regards users as "assets" is going to be applying and enforcing those little cherry-pickable phrases.

Please note: as a personal policy I don't engage in flame wars in other people's journals (communities are a different story). I believe it rude. But two know-it-all jerks with superior attitudes made me rethink that policy. It still stands, however.

I value my friendships more than I do the need to put punks in their place. I'm a grown up, how about that? At 40+ I should be... ;-)

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