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Stalker Exen

Request from redsonja "Obsessed Stalker Exen!"

What the fuck is it with some people, that they can't accept that a) 'No' means NO, and B) 'It's over' means 'Goodbye'?? If you get married to someone, it does not mean that you own them, and it sure as hell doesn't mean you're mine forever! Relationships aren't about possession, damnit. Hell, even saying hi on the street doesn't give someone rights over you!

No, some people are just obsessive whack jobs who need to be purged from the gene pool, preferably before they breed, lest the genetic tendency toward obsession, possessiveness, and sociopathy is not spread more throughout the gene pool. Why is it against the game laws to shoot these asshats and put them out of your misery? Why are protection orders toothless, in that you can only have a fruitcake arrested after they've violated it flagrantly and obviously? Why do corporations and governments enable these shitheads?

Why in the hell would someone spend the time, money, and energy on stalking a person who had called it quits with them?? Do they really fucking think that they are so fantastic that you would want them anyway after saying no? Are they just incapable of dealing with the plain fact that someone just fucking doesn't want them in their life anymore? Or do they even care about the other person at all, as anything other than a thing, something they own, and they can't let go of their 'possessions'?

What is it that flicks the switch on someone who seems otherwise rational? Why does someone get the demented idea in their head that 'they can't live without you', or 'you can't live without them'? Is it something in their upbringing, some sort of insecurity, a brain chemistry malfunction, or something in the water? I don't understand the obsessive mindset to start with, and this type of deluded nutcase is one of the worst.

Yet I hear about this kind of creep all of the time. With the information age, and the erosion of privacy as a legal concept and an institution, it becomes easier and easier for these nutjobs to try to sate their obsessive desires. Thirty years ago, stalking was rarely heard of, and usually a move out of state, a quick name change, and a careful breaking of ties to mutual friends could fix it. Successful stalkers had to be wealthy, because tracking down a person cost lost of money and time.

Now, though, we damn near hand these twisted souls the tools they need to haunt our lives on a silver fucking platter! A person now has to actively seek out their information and specifically seek to have it deleted or, more often, just concealed. If they have anything to do with our 'security' (state security, that is) minded government, their sick hobby gets even easier. Just a few rule violations, the right amount of cash in the right palms, and voila, they even have your new underware size. And people wonder why I use a pseudonym on the net!

The fools who argue against privacy and restriction of access to personal information from governments and corporations often cough up the old, tired 'What have you got to hide? Unless you have something to hide, there's nothing to fear!' as an argument against privacy. Well, you may not have anything to hide when the data is collected, aggregated, and stored. But even the most pristine and upright living individual can have an obsessive nut case latch on to them, often years later, and use that older data to hunt them down and/or screw up their life! Things like malicious identity theft (as opposed to simple larcenous identity theft), filing false credit data, using your credit records to track your whereabouts and workplace, etc. are now made possible by 'innocent' (but pervasive) data collection and aggregation, and happening to lots of people.

Yet governments and corporations around the world are continually fast talking people in handing over their personal data to faceless entities to store in poorly secured databases, and then often make the data available to anyone for a nominal fee. Does this disturb you? It should. Find out more from EPIC, Privacy.org, and the EFF. Don't give up your privacy, even on little things, without a fight. Don't enable stalkers and other scum in their obsessions and criminal activities.



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Jan. 13th, 2005 09:43 pm (UTC)
One of my friends turned out to be a stalker. Her boyfriend broke up with her, she obsessed about him and even carved his name onto her body with a knife! She's crazy when it comes to him. Then, she threatened to kill her ex-boyfriend's fiance(who works at the school), and now she's getting suspended.

I've never had a stalker, and hope I never will!
Jan. 13th, 2005 09:50 pm (UTC)
Testify, Sistah!

*Holds up lighter*
Jan. 14th, 2005 03:23 am (UTC)
I had a stalker, years back, and the scariest thing was that he after my friends, whom he suspected of "poisoning my mind against him." I barely even knew him, and he was obsessed. He wasn't even in love with ME, he was in love with a character I played at living history, whom he was convinced was the "real" me, who was "the only person in the world who really loves me." Did I mention he collected knives and guns?

I think I've said enough for now. Who knows who's reading.
Jan. 23rd, 2005 01:24 am (UTC)
I agree with one possible exception. The privacy laws now enforced on medical information to family members when a person is hospitalized have gone too far. It is so bad that even with a password and durable power of attorney including health care surrogate papers copied and filed into Gma and my husband's chart, the damned docs will not talk to me on the phone and let me make decisions for these people. Medicare is the worst on it too! They have to have a dated and signed letter with a start and end date in order to talk about medical claims with a surrogate.

If I ever go into the hospital, you will not be able to call and find out my status, diagnosis or even to talk to me without the password. As a matter of fact, the nurses will not even be able to tell you whether or not I am a patient in that facility.

That is the other side of the privacy coin with which I live daily. If I have an accident, Bill and Gma may die because no one will be able to find out what happened to me or make decisions for me, unless they know the password and unless am coherent enough to give it to them. It is your Gma's maiden name, by the way and Bill's favorite sport is the other one we use. The problem here is that one may not elect NOT to have the privacy level normally provided. As family members age, ability for family members to get information and to help them is almost as important as is the protection of their assets from unscrupulous stalkers masquerading as agency care givers or social workers.
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