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Checks and Balances?

Request from dubhain "Nitwits who actually believe the crap they were taught in school about how the 'Checks and Balances™' in the US Constitution will prevent tyranny and fascism from ever taking root in the US - so we can all just not bother with worrying about it. Evar."

Dear citizens of the United State of America:

I regret to inform you that, regarding the Constitution and it's built in checks and balances, the checks have bounced and your balances are all overdrawn!! This is because of your apathy, neglect, and ill chosen priorities.

While you weren't looking, the fanatics (wannabe fascists and tyrants) came up with a scheme, and were perseverent enough to make, and keep, a thirty year plan to put it in place. When people pointed out the early dangers, you scoffed, saying that they were just a "fringe". Guess what, that "fringe" has been quietly stacking state and federal courts and statehouses for thirty years, and now has enough traction to push its own into the Supreme Court!

You were asleep at the switch, worried more about your television shows, Hollywood gossip, brand name clothes, stock options, and sports teams than you were about voting in elections, educating yourselves about the issues, what the candidates stood for, and why you couldn't always believe what the damn TV told you. You refused to even look and see the creeping fascism and religious fanaticism that was being put forth as ordinary people for political office. You mocked those of us who tried to talk about it, calling us paranoid, chicken little, knee jerk liberal, etc.

Now, look at where we're going. Look at the Patriot Act; the attempt to write discrimination into the Constitution; the vilification of the poor; the corporate, legislative and judicial contempt for women (51% of our population); and the taking of words like "compassion", "fairness", "faith", and even "concience" and turning them into twisted buzzwords for the repressive right wing.

Does the death of 3,000 people make it suddenly alright to throw away two hundred years of guardianship of liberty, that many more than that have given their lives for, for what some politician tells you is security and "for your own good"? What a bunch of wimps! How many innocents have we killed because a smirking chimp grabbing for power told us it would "make us more secure". Or didn't you realize that successful terrorism is that which successfully terrorises us, and thus makes us change our thinking and way of life!

"But, but, the three branches, the balances, the checks on power..." Gone, pal. Toasted in an orgy of federal consolidation, wiped out by political gerrymandering, gelded by political apathy, and fucked over firmly by long, slow, and deliberate court packing. You were asleep at the switch, and the patient people with a fanatical faith in their own twisted religion and political "manifest destiny" changed the rules to freeze you out.

You feared technology, so you let the people with the hidden agendas control it, rather than learning about it. You mocked the geeks who said "beware, there are potential problems here!" Now that technology will be used against you, to watch you, track you, and control you. You wanted to be "rich", or at least live like it, so you let the corporations, especially the banks and credit card companies, sell you down the river, with you still having to pay full fare plus interest.

The legislative branch, danced about on puppet strings by lobbyists, has ceded much of its responsibility and authority to the executive. The executive has used that power to consolidate, establishing "czars" over various critical functions, none of whom really answer to anyone but the executive, maybe congress, and never to the people. The executive has also carefully packed the federal courts, with the aid of stealth candidates, pork seeking legislators, corporate lobbyists serving dual duty for fanatics and a populace that didn't give a damn as long as there was a body in the seat.

So, you lose, and so do the rest of us. You didn't pay attention, citizens of America. Now the word citizen is changing its meaning, to mean "person who is loyal without question". The loyal opposition need not apply. "You're either with us, or with the 'terrorists'", with 'terrorists' defined however the government finds convenient that day.

So join the ACLU, and other organization against this crap. Then, at least, you can wave your ACLU membership card as they drag you away to the detention center, instead of wondering what hit you, and when things "changed".



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Jan. 14th, 2005 03:15 am (UTC)
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. I love it when you rant...

I remember being called a "conspiracy theorist" in the '70's and '80's. And I made some predictions (now come true) as to what was coming. People called me paranoid. When I wrote letters, demonstrated, became a net activist, some folks commented "I'll visit you in jail..." But the one that chills me is that about 1990 I told a similarily-minded friend: "When they start restricting the right to travel, it will be too late. Because that's what happened in a lot of other cases, and when that happened, it was already too far gone to stop it." Brrr.

Somewhere, I still have a placard for the "ISF," the "Internal Security Force" from the movie "Shadow on the Land" (1968) -- which I can just about guarantee you won't be seeing on video in our lifetime. Because it's too close to what's been going on. The ISF loves to get people riled up about terrorism, because it solidifies their power base and that of the president...
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