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Advanced Directives

This post is inspired by one of countgeiger's. In fact, the wording will be similar.
Words cannot even begin to describe my fury at the Congress of the United States of America attempting to intervene directly in a situation where there is all kinds of legal precedent, one in which the courts have consistantly and repeatedly upheld a spouse's right to make decsions for their partner who is unable to make their own. That being said, I feel it neccessary to make this post. Given the current state of affairs, specifically the Schiavo case in Florida, I think it's for the best I outline my wishes for what I want should I become incapicitated and unable to communicate.

Ditto. My rage at the religious assholes that are taking away yet another person right of choice and making it into a yet another government mandated decision is only increasing. The fact that the same kooks are the ones who cheer at the death penalty is hypocrisy at its highest. They want for the Federal Government, not the individual or even the State Government, to have the right to determine who should live, and under what circumstances.

I filed an advanced directive once before, when I went in for brain surgery. If people can find it, it still stands. If not, I am here and now publically making my wishes known.

Should I wind up in a "Persistant Vegetative State" as they call it, or am braindead, or anything else that basically says *I* am not in this mortal coil any longer. I request... No... Demand and Require that the plug be pulled. The people closest to me I trust to know whether I am still there or not. If I'm able to communicate in any way, I'll make the call. People who were around after my stroke were well aware that I was there. But don't leave me chained to a dead body simply because someone can't let go, if it ever comes to that.

I believe in the right to make ones own choices about death. If I am unable to make my wishes known, the people who know me best currently are best suited for deciding. Not people who knew me best 20 years ago, but the people who are currently closest to me. Certainly not the friggin' federal government.

I would seriously recommend that everyone *write* an advanced directive, and keep it current. As the Schiavo case clearly displays, many people on the religious right and in Congress have no respect for the verbal wishes of someone expressed to a loved one, and instead seek to impose government control, like a slaveowner, over everyone and everything they do, from before birth to after death.


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Mar. 24th, 2005 12:23 am (UTC)
The only good thing that's come out of this case is that more people are talking about this issue and planning accordingly.
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