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Logistics 2

  • Yes, there are nonstop flights from SFO to MCO (orlando). Current price $450 - $550. With 1 stop saves ~$100. Might well be worth the extra $$

  • If my sister isn't coming too, I can stay at gma's, she still has the hide-a-bed.

  • It looks like Hertz is my best option, along with Alamo or E-Z Rent-A-Car. The basic rental rates are all pretty much the same, ~$350, not including extra insurance/CDW, etc, plus account lockup "deposit". (Dollar does a credit check if you try to use a debit card - they say so right on their site.)

  • Currently I've been looking at leaving on 7/10, and returning 7/17, thus making good use of weekends to extend vacation time. My bday is the 14th, and gma's is the 15th.

    I want to have my reservations set up by mid-May, so I can get stuff out of the way at a good price. I don't do standby and airline shuffles if I can avoid it. My temper isn't that good, and I get cranky without my sacred sleeeeeeep! ;-)


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    May. 17th, 2005 01:25 am (UTC)
    Check Spiritair and Budget for rental. If your debit card is a Visa, you can push and they will take it, but put a hold on your account for the amount of the rental plus about$50. They did that to me.

    Your sister will likely send a video as Stan can't get away right then and also Gma does better without all the kids at this stage. Boo has two boys and they are all boy and rambunctious, good kids, but not of an age where being confined and/or quiet agrees with them.

    I will continue to look for non-stops for you. There is always the SFO to Atlanta and then to GNV route. It is a bear, but doable. That is usually Delta or United, I think. If you want to see Boo too, another option is to go SFO the ORD and then to MCO and on the way here or back to spend a day with Boo. She has a queen size air mattress which sleeps good on her family room floor.

    The Wheelchair van is not stick, but I don't know if it will be fully one foot drivable by July. Currently it takes two feet to keep it running when the engine is warm and you stop the vehicle. I think it needs to have the idle set up, but it may be that the cpu regulating the air for the injector throttle doesn't work right unless the engine is cold.
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