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Florida - Travel Booked

7/9 San Jose, CA -> 7/10 Chicago, IL -> 7/10 Orlando, FL on United. Unfortunately, my chitown layover is early morning, and only two hours, total, or I'd meet up with my kid sister (who is over 40!! When did I get 'old'?)
Car is economy car from Budget (Hertz cost more)
7/17 Orlando, FL -> 7/17 Denver, CO -> 7/17 San Jose, CA on Frontier

Airfare: $415. Car: $315. Pretty good, considering.

Drive from Orlando to Hawthorne, have wheels with A/C. I can pack pretty well in one suitcase, plus laptop. Probably bring expando bag with stuffs. I need to check on net availability, or if I need to get a corporate dialup token.

I really need to get on some frequent flyer programs. If this goes well, I may fly more.


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Jun. 1st, 2005 01:32 am (UTC)
Your mother has bellsouth fast DSL. Your grandmother has bellsouth dialup. You may use grandma's access if you wish as the hook up is in her spare room. Her modem is also external so you can plug it in and go. There is also a cpu with dialup available at your mother's. Only problem using dialup at mother's is then Grandma cannot get in touch by phone. It is possible to use both dialup and dsl at the same time at Mother's. I don't know if you can piggyback onto Mother's westell via her dlink as the dlink needs some resetting to do that. She is willing to do it if you want, however. Do you need driving directions to Gma's from MCO?
Jun. 1st, 2005 01:38 am (UTC)
Old? You're not old until you are past 80 in this family!
Your kid sister is 40 plus two months. Remember she is not quite four younger. Her kids get up fairly early, so if your layover is early enough she may meet you as O'Hare is only about twenty minutes from her house. You can ask. She can do no more than say no. They are planning on sending a tape or dvd for Grandma to look at on her birthday. Will 'splain when I see you. LOL
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