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Logistix 3

I received my tickets from Expedia

I reserved my car with Orlando Budget

I'm wondering what to get my grandma for her b-day. Since she needs to use a walker because of her hip anyway, I thought something like Folding Rolling Walker with a seat, in either blue, red, green or black would be a good choice. It has a seat, so you don't have to stand and hold on, a basket to put stuff in, weighs on 20#, and folds up with one hand. IOTW, it the kind of thing I'd use if I needed a walker. I'd have to have it shipped there because of the plane thing, but that's not an issue.

That or I'm wondering what my grandma would do with a Roomba vacuum cleaning robot... I can't shove around a vacuum cleaner very well, and I doubt it's doable with a walker, so...

Opinions? Since I'm considering this *now* I can order it in plenty of time.


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Jun. 12th, 2005 05:18 am (UTC)
Gma's Birthday
She will be happy with your visit. She has a walker. I just need to put some new tennis balls on it for her. I have looked at those rolling walkers with a seat too. I think that they have hand brakes though and Gma never learned to ride a bike or use hand brakes so would have trouble with them. She already has a basket on her walker. Now, since I would love for her to use the type you suggest, I don't want to discourage you. Remember, though, that Gma is only about 4 foot 3 or so tall now due to the osteoporosis. The problem we always have is getting walkers and such short enough for her. The one she has folds and she does have a basket on it.

As for the roomba, I doubt she could use it as it has to be guided away from walls and such and has to be plugged in every night to recharge. She also has a man who comes once a week and vacuums her place for her, among other things.

I nice, big, picture of you that she can enjoy for the little time she has left to see anything would be great. You could also get her a bag of Depends underwear when you are here and maybe take her out to dinner once. (She is a pretty cheap date, the lunch portion at the local eatery of chicken mesquite, mashed potatoes, no gravy, a side of chicken gravy and carrots or green beans with key lime pie to go makes her very happy, as does a 10 inch number 5 pizza with triple cheese and please chop the onions from the local pizzeria, or even a piece of plain cheesecake from the same place. Even cheaper, get a bag of shrimp at the grocery along with a couple of potato boats and some cocktail sauce and have a shrimp feast with her.

Ravan, the pleasure of your company will be the best birthday present you could give Gma. love you, lotsa hugz
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