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Home, skimmed people portion of a week worth of LJ, plus mucho email. Now I must sleeeeeeeeep.....



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Jul. 18th, 2005 06:11 pm (UTC)
Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had fun.
Jul. 19th, 2005 12:09 am (UTC)
Glad you made it home. I wish the weather had been a tad cooler while you were here and the shuttle would have gone up and been visible for us.

Gma has told me some of what she said to you. I'm sorry for that. She is becoming rather cantankerous in her old age. She does the same to me, only does it out in front of my friends and neighbors. Hard to find wool yarn here except in expensive specialty shops, as we have too many moths and not much cold enough weather for wool. Even acrylic gets too hot to work with sometimes.

Would you believe, Irwin and David actually came on Monday this week, and called Gma before they came? Will wonders never cease. I think they were looking for you and trying to impress. LOL

I will think of you on Wednesday. I think I am going back to Sonny's for lunch, either in Gainesville or Palatka. Have to take Bill and van into Gator Custom Mobility on Thursday. His chair is in and ready for installing the new tiedowns. I wonder how long it has been there and if they ever would have got around to calling me? ARGH! The VFD is next on the list. Catina and Paul were on a mini vacation but should be back in pocket tonight. Will let you know what excuse I get.

Bill says Hi and we have named the little kitty that eats under the van Tiffitu (short for Tiffany Two) 'cause she looks just like Tiffy did when she was young. Lady keeps scaring her away though. The knee is the color of your pretty purple tee today around the orange middle. LOL Gma says she doesn't even have a bruise on her butt though. Go figure. Love you! Hugs!
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