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Card Carrying ACLU Member?

If so, the FBI probably has a file on you. Think I'm full of shit, or overly paranoid? See this article. Sometimes paranoia isn't, but is actually realism.



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Jul. 19th, 2005 05:54 am (UTC)
No, but I spent time working for Greenpeace and have lots of other associations that appear to be worse than the ACLU.

(...as I type this on a US Gov't machine, and note that I cleared enough of a background check to get a NASA/Ames badge, anyway.)
Jul. 19th, 2005 09:48 pm (UTC)
Heh, I'm sure they've had a file on me ever since I was a NOW member in the '70's. Lessee, a bunch of Native American activism groups, Peace Action, Greenpeace, any number of environmental groups, the SCA (that's anachronism, not anarchism, morons!), a couple groups (mostly historical) with the word "militia" in their names, Civil War reenactment (which Feinstein has sworn to shut down), publication in rags for some fairly far right outlooks... They probably have a file on me you could use as a paperweight (though they're probably as confused as hell about my skew, especially since I apparently have a namesake on the net--my mundane name, not Jilara--who seems to be involved in some communist sort of stuff). And they probably are trying to reconcile things like Peace Action with the NRA membership.
Jul. 20th, 2005 09:59 am (UTC)
Just because you are a little bit paranoid doesn't mean somebody doesn't have a file on you and someone else isn't after you! I'm just not sure they use those files to profile at airport security. There are too many of them (files on people) to profile everyone!

Kim at the beauty shop and Linda the waitress at our favorite restaurant were asking for you. Oh, and our lot extends to the RR tracks. It is just over an acre and is about 513 ft by only 70 feet deep. Gma has four lots into one which is about 80 ft by 200 ft. There are lots around our area for sale, even some on eBay. Look up Putnam County, Florida. If you or any of your friends decide to invest in property here please let us know the exact location by range, township and section number as well as a map location or legal description as some of the lots they are selling on eBay are not big enough to allow construction on one lot. The promoter won't tell you this, however. Others are almost all under water but billed as lake front property or water front property which floods every time it rains and is watershed property on which no construction is either feasable or allowed by water district rules. In other words it is caveat emptor in spades! Love you! Hope your flight was otherwise good.
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