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My blueberries have started ripening. Breakfast this morning was a few blueberries and a strawberry. Our Roma tomatoes are still green, but there are a lot of them. The mint under the faucet is growing big, too. The rosemary died because one of my roomies turned the water down too far... ;-)

I have completed 58/58 yellow, 30/39 black, and 1/95 grey granny squares for my smiley face icon afghan. I'd have more of the black done, but I didn't bring enough black yarn with me to florida (I only brought two balls, and I should have brought 3).

weofodthignen apparently has arrived at ertla's, but her computer isn't there yet, and neither of them has called me or stopped by. *sniffle*

The soapmaking project is proceeding. This week I bought a cheap pH meter with thermometer (surprisingly good for the price), molds, gloves, tea tree and neem oils, and a wooden spoon. I may use one of our spare crock pots, with the understanding that it only is used for soaping after that. I need to find my safety goggles, and I like to have a rubber/plastic apron, too. Yes, I'm an ex-chemist, and lye is caustic.

This coming two months will a little hectic, with SiliCon PR #2 and the SiliCon Program book due in August and September, respectively.


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Jul. 21st, 2005 01:51 am (UTC)
Jul. 23rd, 2005 04:00 pm (UTC)
Bill in hospital icu
Hi! I sent you an email but got home even too late to call you. Now it is too early LOL. I will be heading back to Shands UF in a few minutes to sit by Bill. He is in medical icu. He has asperation pneumonia and possibly some heart problems and an Upper G.I. (esphogial) bleed. He was being a putz about eating and staying upright again last Tuesday, and went to the E.R. and was admitted on Thursday. Yesterday he went sour and was admitted to the icu. He is there now, on a respirator and fully tubed. As soon as the culture is done on the bacteria he has in his lung(s) they will put him on the specific antibiotic he needs to fight off the infection. The good thing is that it is mainly in his left lung, the strong one, instead of his right. The didn't give him much of a chance to make it yesterday, but seem to think he has a bit better chance now. Please pray to whatever gods and send him all the good karma you can muster. He was to pick up his Jazzy on Thursday. I got the new tiedown system in the van but they didn't want to give me his chair. I will get insistent this next week. I think that the V.A. has already paid for it so I want it for him to see it for encouragement and for him to be able to ride it home from Shands in a week or so. Gma is doing great. Love you. Will call when I get a time to do so that isn't to late or too early for you.

OH and I echo the mmmmm above and also for the strawberries.

They have a computer at Shands and want me to set up a special page for Bill which I will likely do this afternoon. Peace~~~~
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