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"Political Issues" with SiliCon?

Political issues? With one of the most a-political committees I've worked with in a long time? Somebody is on drugs, or deliberately trying to smear a non-profit convention to benefit their own for-profit gig...

Apparently certain bigmouths are trying to claim there is some sort of imagined dress code or costume guidelines for volunteers. They're full of it. Seriously.

I have heard that there are people going around badmouthing SiliCon, saying stuff is "policy" when it isn't so. That's BS. Any "policy" I would've had to publish. So ask, verify the rumors.

Hell, we're less fascist than BayCon, IMO - we don't demand your real name to put on your badge.

Yeah, we have an empire builder on staff with a big mouth and a tendency to put her foot in it, but every con has those.

I don't know who has been spreading this crap, but our only "dress code" is "no costume is no costume". That's it. Literary based costumes are ok, stuff made up out of your fevered imagination is ok.

I am not happy about this. I also am a little bit insulted that no one fact checked things with me, instead of listening to some "mouth".

EDIT: There is one thing that might offend local fen: The hotel has gone to "paid" parking. The reason that "paid" is in quotes is because members will get their parking validated (at least this year), and if you're staying in the hotel it's supposedly free, too. This is not SiliCon's idea, several of us object (I growled about it when they first put the stupid booths in), and it will hit BayCon too.



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Oct. 4th, 2005 04:56 am (UTC)
The hotel's been going downhill for a long time; parking hassles are just the latest in a long series. I wouldn't know about "offending" local fen, but a lot of people are going to drive to the hotel, see the paid parking, and turn around. If it only costs a third of the con's potential attendance they'll be lucky.

As for "political problems", I don't know who you're hearing it from or what you're hearing -- the problems Colleen and Chaos are having with Silicon have to do with actual politics (i.e., people) rather than convention policies.
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