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Rosa Parks

Rest in peace, you did well.

I guess the thing that tells me the most is that I, as someone born in the 1960s, have a hard time conceiving of asking someone to give up their seat on a bus based solely on skin color, and an even harder time conceiving of someone doing it. Even if I were to be silly enough to ask, I'd expect to be told to f*** myself.

Yes, I might ask someone who was more physically able to stand to vacate a gimp seat for me, but that's based on physical ability, not appearance. Then again, if someone had more mobility problems than I do, I'd give them my seat on a crowded bus, rather than make them stand.

But based on "color" or "race"? Fuck no.

If 30 people including me, all gimped to the same degree, of mixed races and ages got on a bus that sat 20, I'd give up my seat for someone older. But to expect some to give up a seat because of color? No.

Yes, I've lived with "white priviledge" all my life, and I know we really don't have a color-blind society yet. But I still can't conceive of asking someone to give up their seat just because they're black.

Thanks, Rosa. Because of you, I never had to unlearn that one.

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