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The office as a whole sent me a nifty plant basket, too. The trick will be keeping it alive.

I still am hopelessly behind in my email and web. I did some last night, reading only "people" not "communities", and at skip=100 was still on Thursday. I haven't even looked at my email.

Note to self: the next time the damn doctor wants you to take a "stool softener" because pain meds "can be constipating", remind said doctor that one of the meds you take regularly has diarhea as a side effect, and stool softeners just make it worse. Runny, farty crap all day.



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Nov. 21st, 2005 02:14 am (UTC)
Stool softner
Heh - in general, the post surgery isn't as bad as the pre. When I had my gastric bypass, I had to stop eating 24 hours before the surgery, and drink Fleet's Phospo-soda. That day was basically myself, a very soft package of toilet paper, and several encyclopedia-length books. The surgeon's instructions were basically, "Don't bother going more than 20 feet from the bathroom that day. It'll save time". ;-)

May Eir bring you healing. Get well soon.
Nov. 21st, 2005 03:27 am (UTC)
Colace and dulcosate
For some reason, hospitals, nurses and doctors and especially nursing homes believe that everyone is constipated and they fear you will rip your internal stitches if you strain. Some people, particularly some in your family, tend to get runny farty shit every time they even look at colace. To soften a stool we only need a glass of fruit juice or some baked beans. It goes with chronic ibs. Your mom refused to have a colonoscopy this week, telling the stupid nurse that "Doc and I discussed that a couple of months ago. I have irritable bowel syndrome and I will not even consider that test until I reach the age of 65 and then it will likely have to be done as an inpatient. One glass of golightly and I have diarrhea for three days." I was there and heard her say it. Three cheers for MOM!

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Colace can also be bought as a liquid and then the dosage can be better regulated. The capsules are only one dosage. I think it is Ten ml or Fifteen cc which is two or three teaspoons. Sometimes only 5 ml/cc will do the job but you cannot break the capsules in two. Just be sure you don't strain as in grunt and push hard. That is the worry of the doctor.

Relax! you have lots of time to catch up on your emails. Pamper yourself for the next six weeks at least. Love you! Hugs and good Karma your way.
Nov. 22nd, 2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
jemyl is right. Stay off the comp. E-mail, including my lists and this notify, will wait.

Sorry about having to phone you yesterday. Typical of my work experience--I actually come to work and work, so folks start to want to give me extra tasks and use me as a sub. So if I don't miss the bus, I'll be there in an hour.


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