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I get the message

I was doing well enough, I thought, that I no longer needed to take the ibuprofen (nsaid) or vicodin. So yesterday evening at 6, I didn't take either. I went to bed at midnight.

About 2 am, I woke up, aching like I'd been doing situps. Whups! A snack, an nsaid and a vicodin later, I went back to sleep.

Apparently the nsaid (ibuprofen) has been keeping the inflamation in check, and the vicodin helps relax the muscles.

So, it looks like I really need the drugs, and even putzing around the house can make me sore. I have been a good kid about the lifting restrictions, although the max 10# is a crimp - a gallon of milk weighs 8.5 #!!



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Nov. 25th, 2005 03:02 am (UTC)
If you behave, then you will likely heal free of adheasions. Adhesions can jump up and bite you years later and they HURT, big time. I know it is frustrating because you feel so much better than you did before surgery. You also come from a family that does not put a premium on lazing about being half sick. Whenever you are tempted to shortcut this healing process, just remember your mother and her 105 fever, three extra weeks in the hospital, wound infection and the open maw that had to be flushed twice a day for a long time. You do NOT want to go there. Be good, Kid! It WILL pay dividends for years to come. I know. So does your mother. Do I have to find a way to send her out there to sit on you? She can't kick you in the arse since her knee won't let that happen, but she can tongue lash you into a living hell. LOL Love you. Shall I send some sappy romances? (I don't know if I can find more than one around here, but am willing to try.) How about playing gin rummy or bingo on Pogo? It is free or only $20 for a year or so and you can play to your heart's content. Hugs, and let the others be superwoman or superman for a while.
Nov. 26th, 2005 06:36 am (UTC)
Darnit. Well, I hope you have been sleeping as much as possible since, and popping pills. Hopefully the pill-popping will soon no longer be necessary.

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