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Hotel at PantheaCon?!?!

Tried to book my room at the hotel today. Not only was the convention room block sold out, but the rest of the hotel as well!!

This information was not on the convention web site, I looked. Why?

Oh, and before someone suggests "alternate hotels", please realize that I'm mobility impaired and local, and if I get into my car to leave the site, I'm going home for the night.

Yes, I'm pissed. It's bad enough that P-Con prereg at the lower rate cut off 4 days ago and the con is $75, but now I find that I might as well just get two days anyway.



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Jan. 20th, 2006 05:22 am (UTC)
Nomatter what the subject of the con, it seems the planners always fail to take into consideration such mundane things as pay periods other than weekly and booking enough rooms to provide for anticipated annual growth. When the Universe hands me such things I always figure God, or gods in your case, always know something I don't and likely have a better plan. Go when you can and enjoy as much as you can and then glide home to enjoy snuggling into your very own comfy bed and think of all of those people who won't get a good night's sleep and who will be grouchy the next day while you will not. Love you ! Hugs.
Jan. 21st, 2006 05:55 am (UTC)
"Booking enough rooms for annual growth" is not the issue - the ENTIRE hotel is sold out (this hotel, being close to the airport, has contracts with major airlines to provide rooms for crew members no matter what - so it is impossible for us to block the *entire* hotel anyway). And BTW we DID increase our room block this year - not only once but TWICE. And just a friendly note - you might want to check more facts before you lay about with gross generalizations.

Glenn is looking into overflow hotels as we speak.
Jan. 21st, 2006 05:36 am (UTC)
Email pantheacon@ancientways.com and ask them. The hotel's been buggering this.
Jan. 21st, 2006 05:55 am (UTC)
Not a mistake. They are ENTIRELY sold out.
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