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Through the day, at least. I finally got coffee - had to fetch it myself! After I caffeinated, the network ports on the ceiling were solved fairly easily - a simple 180 locus chant, *after* the table had been moved. Moving the table was actually the hard part - it had a resist relocation spell on it that I had to defuse, probably put there by the movers so we'd have to pay them to come fix it. Screw that - I'm not paid as a systems shaman for nothing, you know.

Word has it that we have some visitors from the Seattle office flying in this afternoon. Bad news, since it's a little overcast and drizzly. They won't be real thrilled when they land on the balcony all wet. Of course, if they weren't so cheap they would charter a two mage flight, and be kept dry as they flew. Although, they may fly in on a technical, and just get a cab from the airport. (They shouldn't rent a car - the rental car companies are all putting speed limit enforcing spells on their cars, and that can get you run over, or carjacked as an "out of town"er.) Then again, this is the company that started out with doors and sawhorses for desks, with a glamour on the ones visible to the public so that people would think they were good furniture.

I still am having fits with the new telephone system that we're putting in. A basic service that it depends on is not working right, and it should. I'm wondering if someone cast an incompatible firewall spell in the network, and is just too bashful to admit it to me. Either that or the test software has an expiry spell coded in to it. Either way, I hate having to admit to my boss that I'm having trouble with a project. The hit to my self confidence hurts in the spellwork side of my job, which is probably why my office fetch is still just sitting there and playing with itself - a not so subtle comment on my competance.

Ever have one of those days when you feel like looking out the window of your office and hurling shit-stirring spells at passing cars?


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Jan. 27th, 2006 10:06 pm (UTC)
I have a fountain with crucks nesting in it outside my window. (Crucks are what happens when the crows and ducks drink from the fountain.) I think it'd be fun to toss random magic bean spells out the auto spincter on the way home.
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