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OK. The religious right assholes have pushed through a ban on abortion in South Dakota, and are working on it in other states. They are trying to restrict access to birth control by their idiotic "conscience" clauses (for pharmacists, not patients). Congress (full of fascist rethuglicrats and spineless demicans) has caused the federal government to push the bullshit "abstinence only" sex ed down the throats of schools. Their lap dog Shrub has appointed social conservative idealogues to the SCOTUS, just to please his fundamentalist "base".

Now other people have posted about the previous abortion underground, and there are lists of pharmacies that are stupid, and those that aren't. This is all good.


Money talks, and the fundies have a lot of it. They started this goddamn "culture war" - making war on the secular people of this country, seeking to impose their narrow version of one particular faith on the entire citizenry of the United States. Government hands off doesn't apply when it comes to their theocratic agenda of supression of women and minorities into baby factories for cannon fodder for their manifest destiny of imperial theocracy.

So the best counter is money, lots of it and at all levels, from individuals *and* corporations. Local money, to fight their creeping talebanization at the local level. Corporate pressure - that means buying voting stock and making your voice heard - and organized lobbying is all that the neocons will hear at any level. Don't buy from theocrats, don't contribute money to religious organizations that lobby for theocratic laws.

Even people who don't have kids should pay attention to the backgrounds and beliefs of people running for school boards and city councils. These posts are springboards to bigger posts. Non-partisan? They don't care - they run by stealth, as "upstanding citizens", and then start voting in their restrictive religion driven agenda. If a politician runs as a faith "inspired" person, be suspicious. If their bragging points include membership in "non-denominational" or known fundie churches, don't vote for them, no matter how "reasonable" they sound. If they run on a "moral" platform, that's a code word for "impose their 'morals' on everyone".

I don't want to live, or die, in the "Handmaid's Tale". But that's exactly the kind of theocratic state we're headed for, unless a lot of people get it through their heads that it's not your average, everyday Christian who is backing this stuff, but cynical theocratic propagandists who will twist everything that anyone holds sacred to serve their agenda.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been savaged by the theocrats and statist bigots. Do what you can to stem the tide, and reverse it. Ignore the propaganda chaff about war and democracy, and only support people who get the "government does not run my life, or the lives of others" idea.

Maybe we need an MYOB party...



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Mar. 8th, 2006 01:27 am (UTC)
I think we already have kind of a MYOB party, it's Libertarian. In case you hadn't heard, Wal-fart caved into pressure and is now selling the "morning after" pill from their pharmacies and they've told all pharmacists to fill pills for birth control, get another pharmacist there to do it for the customer if they don't want to, or provide a p harmacy where the customer won't have problems getting their scrip filled. Money does, indeed, talk, and even Hell-mart listens. Why doesn't Shrub? And excellent points on local politics. Many fundies use school boards and community organizations as a spring board for further political ambitions.
Mar. 8th, 2006 04:19 am (UTC)
Erm, I think that the Libertarian Party is and has long been doing as you suggest. You might want to check them out.

I am christian. I have experienced being born again, but do not consider myself a born again Christian. The reason is so many who do that now espouse a very narrow, judgmental kind of christian living that I believe to be wrong for me and, also, in my best and well studied opinion, not in keeping with what God wants to see happening. I strongly believe in the priesthood of all believers and these dictatorial uber-christians believe that they have all of the answers and the only "right" interpretation of the Bible, a very narrow interpretation of a book of writings with very broad interprational possibilities.

I also believe that a politicians religion should not affect his/her vote. That person is elected to represent all of the people of the area from which elected and to which they owe allegiance. Note I said ALL of the people. It would take a very small, very limited area for all of that politicians constituents to be of the same religion as the politician. Like you, Ravan, I distrust anyone who puts their religion into their platform. I know that person is going to be trouble, hard to get along with other bosrd or commision members and with an agenda that is not responsive to the needs or wants of their constituency.

I believe that a woman has a right to control her body, at least during the first six months of her pregnancy. Abstinence is truly the only sure way to avoid pregnancy, but by eliminating the use of condoms, what these socalled christians are actually doing is condemning sexual partners to more STD exposure as well as more pregnancies.

I heard the other day of the Rowe effect. That is whee those in the right to life states are having more babies in reaction to the Rowe v Wade controversy so that those states are increasing in population at a much hight rate than the right to decide states. I have an idea to help them though. When all of these women are forced to bear unwanted children, it should be mandatory that a right to lifer family support the pregnant and not allowed to abort mother in their home for the duration of her pregnancy. Want to bet how quickly the laws would get changed back if that were done? LOL I think it would be very, very quickly!
Mar. 9th, 2006 01:34 pm (UTC)
Natural Selection
I think natural selection in the form of enraged, highly armed intellectuals is the natural solution. Or it would be if there was anything natural about the phrase 'highly armed intellectuals'. They don't seem to grow on trees.

Anyhow, until somebody forms the army of americans angry at americans, I just try my hardest not to Buy anything from things I know to be corrupt, refuse to sanction them in any way, and try to spread what I know.

Looking around the world, I must conclude it doesn't seem to be working. An army would be more fun, or at least more satisfying.

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