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I have no energy, and I must rant

I want/need to rant, rave, and scream, with all kinds of drama, wanking and angst. But I haven't got the energy.

So you do it! Post here, from the sublime to the ridiculous, your bit of drama, your fling at wanking, or protest thereof, or your deapseated or even fictitious piece of angst. Rant away, monkey pile on the most ridiculous thing in your universe. Fling your poo at the true crap of life!

What the heck, it's a Monday, what better day to spew rantation about the blogosphere?



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Apr. 4th, 2006 01:43 am (UTC)
sick and tired...
of being sick and tired, and broke..

and furthermore.. i want my body to stop hurting..

ugh and grumble..
Apr. 4th, 2006 05:16 am (UTC)
Today my rant would be against stupidity in little EMS dictatorial male chauvinist asshats who usurp others titles and designations with no care to the feedback they get. This little, shorter than me, jerk is shoving a new EMS ambulance numbering systme down our throats. Our station is up in arms. My phone has been hot. I have had to spend this evening wading through a whole file drawer of papers, peppered liberally with desintigrated cockroach bodies to find some documentation that our number was a Fire/Rescue number and NOT an EMS number. This dictator has foisted a new system upon us which will lead to complete confusion.

I have spent the day calling our county commissioner and fire service committee titular head, the Fire liaison at the EMS headquarters (who I've known since 1983), Our Assistant Chief, and Willie Mae, the other half of the dynamic duo who worked for years to establish our fire department and to get the ALS Ambulances in our area. I came up with a compromise, one which appealed to the one person in all of this that I raked over the coals in the newspaper last week. He is also a victim, but was given the wrong information by his hiring committee, so is failing in his position, only partly due to his own errors in judgment. Now I will end up having to go to all of the County Commission meetings like Mama and Willie Mae did so that I can get this taken care of and the pig of an EMS director removed from office. He has insulted women once too often and, even though she was directly responsible for the creation of his position, the asshat snubbed Mama by not coming to her funeral. His paramedics were there. His Captain of Volunteer Fire Services was there. His Chief's vehicle was there, but he was not. It is not nice to fool with this mother's nature, especially when it comes to our VFD. I WILL continue our family tradition of making sure that department stays viable and happy.

Then I went to get the mail. There was a bill from Express Scripts. It was addressed to Bill. Bill has been dead for three months. I guess they expected him to pay it from Heaven. When I called, they had my account as having a zero balance. They had charged my stuff to his account. It took me about twenty minutes to get that straightened out. I don't know yet that the charges were correct, but rather than argue, I paid them their $46 and ordered the two scripts that will run out in a week or so.

Yes, It has been one of those days. Part of me wants to send back all bills sent to Mama or Bill with BIG read letters across them. The red would read "DECEASED, Please do not send bills to this person again or I will consider you as a harrassing organization. I don't mind the junk mail so much, but these guys should know better. They have been informed. I am about to become a Ragin' Ravin' Grandma!
Apr. 4th, 2006 07:09 am (UTC)
Morning TV...

Who's bright idea was it to put on a combination of serious, thought-provoking articles, for those that are awake first thing, and no-brainer bits o'fluff'n'stuff padding for those that are insufficently caffinated.
Thus achieving a compromise that annoys the hell out of everyone!

my option involves using the off button... or it would if my wife and daughter would let me.
Apr. 5th, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
The doctor has told me he's recommending that I come off incapacity benefit... after bullying me for 15 minutes and despite me telling him I had a migraine and couldn't think.

I'm sick of being dependent on the bloody government for my existence. I hate being poor!!! :(((
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