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Environmental Warfare

OK, I drive a Jeep. It gets twice the mileage my van did. I'm not exactly the poster child for green living.

Now that I've moved, I take the train to work, and carpool with my roomie (who drives a little car) to the train station.

I'm not going to give up my car and walk or ride a bike everywhere. I am disabled, and my three wheeled bike has been left out in the weather by my other roomie because he didn't like it. (I'm still pissed about it - he told me it was under cover in a shed.)

However, I do try to be thoughtful about stuff, am nearly fanatic about recycling, and try to get my roomie to do simple things like turning off lights when they're not in a room.

But now, King George III has raised the stakes. He "eased" the environmental rules so people would stop holding his oil company buddies' feet to the fire about high gas prices. Great - ensure their profits at the expense of the environment. I guess he still thinks that Peak Oil and Global Warming are baloney, because they aren't specifically mentioned in the Bible.

Well, sorry Georgie Boy, but I'm tired of feeding your cronies. When up to 90 feet above sea level may get inundated because you are playing head in the sand, I get a bit irked. See, I live only 70 feet above sea level...

I went through a period in my life where if I wanted it, I bought it, partly due to the fact that I couldn't remember what I already had. I still have the debt to show for it.

No more. A lot of stuff is going to get freecycled or donated in this move. I've outgrown the conspicuous consumption phase of life. I'm also trying to get back to home cooked food, not processed pap that's loaded with salt, sugars, and soy oils.

I want to reduce our need for oil wars and oil company profits. George bush has declared war on the environment now, but Mother Nature will win, at the expense of everyone.


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