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Mother's Day

Before I forget, again....
Happy Mother's Day, jemyl!!


May. 15th, 2006 05:40 am (UTC)
Thank you! I spent a very quiet day. Appreciated the calls from all of my daughters. The boys, well, I just hope they each treated their wives with special love today.

I missed Gma, of course, but have very happy memories of how we spent last year with a special day. She came down and Bill even said "Hi Mum" to her which made her day. I fixed chicken breasts and stuffing and California mixed veggies and we had pudding for dessert. She was thrilled that I cooked for her.

Today, I didn't go to her grave. About a month or so ago I put a bunch of silk flowers to mark it, including some orchids and lily of the valley, both of which she loved. Last night I drove by, slowly and saw that they were still in place so said a prayer of thanks to both her and your Great Gma. I hope they aren't arguing too much up in heaven! Otherwise Grandpa Horace and Great Grandpa Tom will have to step in between them. LOL

Most of the day I spent working on a baby blanket in crochet for a friend who is about to pop out a boy. It has been a rough time for her with blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and Rh factor problems as well as a severe case of scoliosis(sic). She wanted so much to have a child and wasn't sure she could, so this will be an important birth for her. I hope it all goes well.

Brudder kitty is now down with us. L'il Boy will come in Gma's place to eat and let me pet him and pick him up. He still likes me to leave him some dry food outside though, and the other animals end up eating it all up on him, deer I think.

Time for me to hit the hay. If you happen to read the Palatka Forum you will see that the head toad, Lynn, who you met here, is on the rampage again. I disagree with him on this one. He called me tonight and was three sheets and a valium to the wind, talking crazy. Then his wife, also drunk, decided he was talking too much and hung up the phone. I did NOT call them back. It may be a cold day in Hell before I call them in the evening again. Maybe if I can catch him before noon I can talk to him when he is making sense, before the meds and E2OH take their toll on his thought processes. It was not a nice end to my otherwise lovely Mother's Day. I guess it is all about the full moon after all. LOL

LOve you, and lots of hugz and chocolate truffles your way.~~~MOM

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