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Life is Fleeting...

... So live to the fullest.

A well known Bay Area filker, Leigh Ann Hussey, was killed last night in a motorcycle accident. I will miss her at local filk get-togethers.

The short version is that she lost control and was run over by a truck. Now, many people have heard me make comments about setting things up at work and all to be able to go on even if you got run over by a truck. This was not a suggestion, however.

Anytime we head out on the road, or stay in, we endure risks. The gods and we roll the dice, and what comes up is according to the odds we have made. We take what precautions we can, of course, but life is ever truly "safe". Even tucked snugly in your own bed you have risks.

So we mourn when the odds take someone. We also celebrate that they died as they lived, unafraid, taking precautions, but ultimately chosing freedom over obsessive, paralysing fear.
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