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Myers-Briggs type

Allright, I think I've finally settled back into an INTP. I wobbled back and forth on the border of INTP/INTJ for a while after the brain surgery as I sorted things out, but I think I'm stuck in INTP now. (For INTP type info, see INTP.org to get a referent to what I'm talking about.)

This means, of course, that "geek in the back room" is a good job for me, but in the down market, I'm due to be screwed while trying for a job by marginally competant people who are better salesmen than I am...

Funny thing - on Careers Selected Most Often by INTP, there are several careers/jobs I've actually done to one degree or another:
1) Scientist: Chemistry
2) Computer Professional
6) Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, or Support Representative
12) Electronic Technician
28) Engineering or Science Technician
29) Engineer; All Categories
45) Laboratory Technologist or Technician
46) Machine Operator

As a hobby, I've additionally done or studied:
14) Writer or Journalist
15) Photographer
22) Editor
as well as considered studying law, social science, or psychology.

What do you think? I've spent enough years in enough differnt kinds of businesses to be very aware and able to analyse the pitfalls and trouble signs, do you think I should become a Management Consultant?


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Nov. 15th, 2002 04:04 pm (UTC)
You're too sensible to be a management consultant. However, you'd make a great one. ;)
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