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"The World Is Our Battlefield"

This sentiment was supposedly uttered by some mucky muck in Al Queda. Yet, the neo-cons of the Bush administration seem to consider the world to be their battlefield to establish American hegemony and/or empire. You almost expect their army of neo-con lawyers to take Al Queda to court for stealing their slogan!

It's a foolish sentiment from either group. Even though the speed of communication is high, the world is still a big place. Many of the 6 billion people on it want nothing to do with either Al Queda, or Bush's Weltpolitik. When all those people finally get fed up at being some idiot's "battlefield", they just might shoot all of the idiots. We don't need the DHS (and its already extravagant abuses) to fight terror, just a well armed and trained population that has been weaned from reality TV and video games.

The Bushies are so bust sending "messages" to Al Queda, Hezbollah, and other small or imagined enemies that they ignore the message the rest of us get: "Roll over and die, nothing else matters, we've got ourselves a war here!"

So a minority of yammerheads are driving more and more conflict, commiting more and more troops and squandering more and more of the majority's cash, usually in sweetheart or ouright criminal deals. IMO, Al Queda and PNAC are two sides of the same slug masquerading as a coin of the realm. They all need to find caves, hunker down, and blow up the exits behind them.


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Jul. 29th, 2006 10:26 pm (UTC)
More likely cock in fist on that one. It's why Bush Senior didn't finish the job the first time. I'm sayin' if you want to flush the terrorists, cut off their money supply. That means Shrub & Co., Halliburton, All oil profits in the mid east, you got it. If no one's makin' cash, they're gonna be forkin' over terrorists and calming down. Bullshit walks, money screams ..... loudly
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