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More Against MomsRising.org

My feedback left on the MomsRising.org website:

What about those who decline the mommy track?

Are we not in your world anymore? Is chosing not to add to overpopulation now no longer a valid choice in your utopia? How much more burden will the elderly, the working disabled, the empty-nesters and the childfree have to carry so the mommies can have it all? Having kids is a *choice* damnit, and you shouldn't get special favors because you chose to birth another little consumer. Don't ask me, a working disabled woman, to do you favors just because you bred. You had the choice, you made your bed, now deal. You don't get to have it all, especially not at my expense. That's not how the world works.

If you were campaigning for healthcare and medical leave for *all* people, whether childed or not, I could support you. But you're not. You're dragging out that old, tired cry "for the children", and I'm sick of it. You made your bed, lie in it.

Yes, men and women should get the same pay for the same work. But the woman shouldn't get the same raises and promotions if she takes six months off every year to decant offspring, and takes all of her PTO, plus leaving early, to dance attendance on her kids. My mom didn't, and I wasn't damaged by it (unless you want to consider intolerance for entitlemnent mommyitis to be "damage").

Seriously, this whole campaign makes me want to puke. What a way to alienate over half of your potential supporters (men and childfree women), than to push some manifesto that takes as it's assumption that only the mommies in our society get short shrift, when in reality they pay fewer taxes, get more benefits, and get more social support than the disabled, the elderly, or the reproductively responsible.

We don't need "maternity/paternity leave" - that gives leave only to parents. What we need is "family care leave" - that allows for elder care as well - and personal leave - for personal issues, or elder care for non-blood related elders (whose kids don't/won't care for them).

We don't need "healthcare for kids" - it's assinine to assume that only the young need medical care, and that when they turn 18 medical care will magically appear and last. As a kid I always had coverage. As an adult I've been uninsured more often than I've been insured. Your priorities are screwed up, again.

Regarding "open and flexible work" - why should I and others without young children have to do your work, plus our own, just so you can go to junior's ball game?? Where's our fair compensation for that? It certainly isn't in warm fuzzy family feelings. Why do those like me have to always work holidays so parents can have their "family time"? Doesn't my family count too, or have you adopted the right wing definition of family as being mother, father, and two young kids?

Seriously, I despise this campaign, for the bullshit it is trying to perpetrate on the people without juvenile children. Please reconsider how much you're playing into the right wing "kirch, kutchen und kinder" mentality, and make room for the rest of us liberals.


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