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Merry Giftmas, Happy Yule, etc

I still spent too much, just not as badly as years previous. I'm definitely liking the hand-made practical stuff I'm doing. I realize that my gifts aren't as sexy as PSP and Wii, but they're far less breakable.

I've received a check from my Dad, and a book from datapard. I got the usual candy from a few people at work, which is cool. I'm slowly getting a small gift exchange tradition going there.

I still completely suck at sending out cards. Every year, I intend to. Every year, I fail. I can never find cards I like, get all the addresses together, write the addresses and sign the cards, and get the whole mess stamped and mailed. I'm 45, and am a lousy correspondant (even in email). It's one area in which I don't measure up to my midwestern middle class upbringing.



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Dec. 26th, 2006 12:01 am (UTC)
So mail your Xmas cards after Jan 1 and you will be the first one they receive for Xmas 2007!
Dec. 26th, 2006 05:41 pm (UTC)

You are working on a gift exchange at work. How cool is that?

This year, I saw more people opting into cards again--last year it was like a big fashion statement not to do cards. OTOH this year the rest of my family went no-gifts. A few years ago, I flat out didn't have the money or the emotional ability to do Yule gifting. I managed to gift the gods, that was all. Two years ago, I radically ran out of time. Last year, I did a little but better but still ran out of time. This year my card was very hastily made but I managed to get all the mailing done . . . then Denver closed down and many of em haven't been delivered.

So don't feel bad. Yule isn't about guilt. If it gives you pleasure to gift people, or to send cards, and you can . . . do it. But please don't feel bad because of either the people who don't like doing that or the people who manage it, as I just did this year.

And Yule's still happening :-) One massive advantage of being pagan is 12 whole days. Eat more mincemeat!

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