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* How can you focus on work, either doing it or finding it, when your government, against your wishes, is about to utterly smash a country that is no creditable threat to the US?
* How can you produce something worthwhile, when your government is slowly stripping you of civil rights, supressing dissent with threats and quasilegal skullduggery??
* How can you think clearly, to build and create, when the unholy alliance of corporate media with a out of control government bombards you with lies and twisted psuedo-religious twaddle??
* How can you look forward to the future, when the madmen in the white house threaten your present, and want to own you in the future??
* How can you trust your neighbors, when half of them seem to have to developed Stockholm syndrome with respect to the current regime??
* How can you plan staffing, when lots of your people are called up to go and kill Iraqi civilians, and either die or come back with nasty ailments from "low level" radiation and heavy metal poisoning from depleted uranium??
* How can you rebuild the middle class, when radical idealogues and their ultra rich corporate cronies are striving to create a vast underclass of impoverished serfs that are easy to blackmail economically into doing anything, no matter how wrong or unsafe, for their daily crumb of bread, delivered with a sermon about the glories and nobility of poverty??

Will no one rid us of this troublesome pResident??


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Feb. 26th, 2003 03:04 pm (UTC)
does anybody else get it?
This is all just plain old common sense. A lot of
mericans seem to have their haid up their butts,
and a lot of canadians are nervous that we are next.
We have already been annexed via the free trade
agreement. Glad to see that you are still your
no-nonsense self.
Keep on keepin on.
Enjoying your journal.
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