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I want to go back to posting memes, adventures with my cat, craft project status, and the occasional political rant.

But I can't, yet. I don't feel right about it.

I don't really have a clear understanding of what I can expect from 6A/LJ anymore. I don't have any faith that these people won't attempt to exercise editorial control over my interests and my writings.

I don't write fanfic, or porn. But I do write about unpopular, controversial subjects: paganism, homosexuality, gay marriage, childfreedom, homelessness, civil disobedience, liberal politics, civil rights and gun rights.

Who, or what, is next?? What topic is next under 6A's "we don't want that in our community" banhammer?

There is a chill in LJ-land. I can't feel safe to rant about wanting to string up nameless users at work by their short hairs, now - for fear I'll be accused of some nebulous "crime", and have my journal deleted. I can't rant about what I'd like to see happen to the entire Phelps clan - for fear I'll be accused of solicited criminal activity, and be banned from a service I've *paid for* on someone's whim. But Ann Coulter can get mainstream press coverage for her advocacy of hunting down liberals as "traitors".

Work with me, 6A. Repudiate "zero tolerance" and knee-jerk judgments.



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Jun. 1st, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
I don't do my writing on LJ, but I do sometimes write porn for public consumption, and other fiction. I immediately thought of an unpublished story of mine, involving a sexually exploited 16th century Chinese child prostitute who finds kindness from a travelling merchant, and wondered if this qualified me as "one of those people." (Sorry, this is based on history, and history isn't pretty, folks.) To say I find the recent actions chilling is definitely understating it. I now have La Marseillaise in my interests list.
Jun. 3rd, 2007 10:41 am (UTC)
May I repost this on my LiveJournal (with a link back here, of course)? I feel that it's something important that needs to be spread.
Jun. 28th, 2007 08:38 pm (UTC)
Found this via kashiichan.

I don't blame anyone for feeling this way, I really don't. I moved to WordPress last August after problems with particular staff members that stretched on for months. About a week ago I deleted my Paid journal, shatteredshards after finding out about plans for Sponsored V-Gifts (which will be free, allowing anyone to put advertising on anyone else's info page; first up is Pepsi).

Within 24 hours I found myself banned from both news and lj_biz under at least 2 usernames after 1) finally telling off LJ with a "F*** you" in lj_biz after over 3 years of having an account (and I think most of us know just how often that is said on news posts), and 2) naming a specific staff member I had problems with in one user-created community and in my WP blog. Upon another user asking them what happened, they first implied that I commented solely to annoy other users, then they implied it was because I'm too "anti-LJ".

Almost a year ago I was told by one staff member (the same one I named) that he "was under no obligation to listen to anything I say" if I'm gonna be snarky. One could assume that other staff members may feel this way about other users as well. But when one tries to ask questions calmly and be mature about issue as is fed quite obvious lies/crap from Support and/or Staff, it appears that being mature doesn't get you anywhere, either.

To those of you who are staying for now and will keep trying to make a difference, good luck.
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