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Why is it...

... that when younger (i.e. under 20) kids (especially girls), post or comment in journals or on message boards they *REFUSE* to use any capitalization, paragraph breaks, sentence stucture, sentence punctuation, or anything other than stream of (marginal) conciousness driveling?

An excerpt:
... from someone in england i think well u know what this is the one country where u have freedom unlilke any other where freedom of religion no matter what it is is supossed to be welcome by anyone anything and everything and i have one thing to say to u if u dont like us kiss it because this is america we live breath walk talk and enjoy every minute of our freedom ...
This was from one giant paragraph, that had at least two more separate thoughts or "points" contained in it!!

What the heck are they teaching school these days?? I had to read the above snippet and its attached crap three times to figure out where to chop it as one "idea". I guess she's so free, that she doesn't need to concern herself with being comprehensible!! (Yes, it was signed with a female name, which has been withheld to protect the guilty.)

I can forgive spelling errors. I make enough typos and word swaparounds myself - homonyms can be nasty on insufficient caffeine. But this crap is just so far outside the bounds of readable that it is painful.

This kind of illiterate is "representative" of America? Aaaaaaghh!!


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Feb. 18th, 2003 08:20 am (UTC)
Oh, Ravan, you shouldn't have gotten me started on that.
I worked with a lot of college students when I was a supervisor at the UO. Got to be good
friends with a lot of them.
And the brightest ones couldn't construct a classic five paragraph paper to save their souls.
They weren't taught how to do it in high school. Ever. So, I gave more lessons than I care
to think about in how to write 5 page papers. It was amazing to me.
My favorite prof/advisor noticed the same thing Dubhain did, and still demanded his students
think in class. He managed to get away with it, even, though he did have to spend a whole
class period in intro to Theater about how to write a five para critique...
Feb. 18th, 2003 11:30 am (UTC)
What's even worse (and amazes me) is that this sort of crap sometimes gets published. In places where it shouldn't, like small-press magazines. Or even worse, reference books. I posted a scathing review of a kimono reference book on Amazon, because the author couldn't be bothered with minor things like punctuation and spelling. You couldn't even find the subject of the sentence with a divining rod, in a lot of cases. And this was PUBLISHED in a $50 book! As a professional writer, it offends me. The other day, at work, I was explaining to a couple engineers that writing "like they talked" was not acceptable, and they couldn't seem to understand why not---sigh.
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