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Happy Birthday, jemyl!!! Please have many, many more!!



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Sep. 23rd, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks --Still Celebrating
Thank you for the wishes. It was a good day and a good week. I celebrated all that week and part of this one. Actually I am still celebrating just being alive. This past week I have walked a full mile (Grandms's old route) and done the equivalent on the Nu-Step machine on two other days. I now have a clear 108 degrees of bend on the new knee ---- after PT, when it is even harder to bend and the swelling is at its height. The scar is going to be another keloid ---- what else is new! The best news is that I now have the ability to flex my left foot a little over halfway as far as I can flex the right. The day after surgery I couldn't flex it at all. That is real progress. I still wear my brace when I am out as I tend to let my foot drop when I get tired. Lion Arthur had to oil it last Saturday as it was squeaking very loudly. Now I walk silently again ----well as much as I ever did as a clomper.

You would have enjoyed watching me last Thursday at the docs office. I got another new ARNP. She was bound and determined she was going to "take care of me" by ordering all these tests, again. I finally got really angry and shouted at her that she was about the fifth person to ask me and what part of no, not until the knee is healed and we get the coumadin level stabilized don't you understand? Suddenly it was calm down Mrs J and we don't mean to upset you yadda yadda yadda. Then she tried to tell me that she was liable for my health if she didn't do the tests! Needless to say, she will get a lesson in patient rights of refusal next week. I WILL have a refusal form in my possession which I will give her, all notarized I think, which will state that I fully realize and accept that any tests I refuse or delay may have adverse consquences to my health and that I, by refusing or delaying those tests accept full responsibility for any such consquences. What the little twenty something nursey mama doesn't get is that I likely have less time left on this earth than she has lived on it so far and that I am OK with that. No one is going to get off this planet alive for long. I really don't want to live to be 90 or more if it means living like Grandma did with constant diarrhea, upset tummy, blindness and such dementia that I don't know who my children are or where I am. True, she was happy in her own little world, but I don't want to have you or Boo be saddled with caring for me in that state with all of its nastiness, cussing and dissing in public or to end up a blithering idiot in a nursing home where there is no privacy and people steal my bras! We both know that I have something like an 80 percent chance of getting Alzheimers or some other form of dementia. Both Grandma and Great Grandma Anna had it and it run in families and doesn't skip a generation. I already have the white spots which are precursors for Macular Degeneration. Yes, I am taking the eye vitamins which is all that I can do at this point. I also know that it is not whether or not I will get some side effect of diabetes, but which one and when. These poor young docs and nurses don't want to hear that. They are still all idealistically believing that they can cure anything. Little do they know. LOL. It will be fun heheheh to educate this particular one. Gotta go, kiddo. Time to learn some more eBay so I can sell some more stuff. I sold the little truck last week --- almost got my full price --- but had to split the cost of a new battery. The buyer actually managed to drive it out of the driveway, bad clutch and all. Also sold the leica set ---- again for less than I wanted but for enough to cover the electric bill this month and to let me eat out, modestly, for my birthday and buy a tank of gas to get to PT which is 34 miles away, one way. (It is totally worth the trip to have the best group for my knee, however. Continuity is important!) Peace and Love to you and DataPard too. (Mom)
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