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Clock Ticking...

In less than 48 hours, Georgie Porgie will have his little war. He will launch an unprovoked and pre-emptive strike on a little country that has fewer weapons than they did in the last two wars they were in. A bully's war, just to establish an Imperial American presence on top of a strategic resource, launched without UN sanction or consent, and without a formal declaration by Congress.

This is so wrong, so Un-American, that I can hardly begin to say the ways that it sucks.

Then there are the troops - young people who signed up to DEFEND our nation, not to smash little countries at the whim of a power mad pResident. We're going to
a) throw them into a hot desert, against people with nothing left to lose,
b) start throwing depleted uranium amunition around them for them to inhale and be poisoned by,
c) then deny them lifetime medical benefits if they return,
d) deny that their illnesses and injuries are war related,
e) maybe pay for a flag to bury them under when they come home,
f) and try to boast that they did something "great" when they return, but they will know better.

Our troops have one of the rawest deals. The Iraqi civilians have the worst. Both will be caught in a dicksize war between two egomaniac dictators. Both will bear the consequences.

Only one of the dictators might die... and hopefully the other will fade from sight after 2004. Better yet, impeach him now, and turn him over to the ICC.


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Mar. 18th, 2003 05:59 pm (UTC)
i agree
It's pretty obvious why the US was refusing to acknowledge the War Crimes court.

I feel really bad for the kids who are being sent there, and for the people who were there, just trying to live their own lives.

You can't prove a negative, basic logic, but GWB (great white bully?) has been insisting that the only way to stop this was for them to do so.

How can we say we're invading them for violating UN resolutions, while our own invasion is a violation of the UN.

There seems to be this assumption that either we're all morons, or else that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks at all. Funny way to run a democracy, eh?
Mar. 19th, 2003 12:18 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering if this is how the more discerning of the German people felt in the 1930's. I'm also wondering what horrible things it will bring home to roost on our own soil. Bush is so egocentric he doesn't care, so long as he gets to send in his minions (notice *he* isn't risking anything personally except his ego) to play shootout at high noon. It's like it's all a video game to him. And all the ramifications are simply "collateral damage."
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