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Fixing the 'basic accounts' issue

OK, some people say "give everybody back basic account creation rights". That doesn't work business-wise, to bring in enough revenue to support the site.

Others say, "bring back invite codes and basic accounts, don't just let everybody in." Sorry, cat's out of the bag.

Now, I, as a paying user, want to be able to create communities and secondary blogs as basic, not plus, accounts. The current state of affairs prohibits this.

So, a simple solution:

Give invite codes to paying users to either
     A) promote the site (bringing in new basic account users), or
     A) create communities or secondary journals as basic accounts.
New codes would be handed out periodically, as system resources became available.
Code issuance would be restricted to users buying 6 months or more paid time, but would not expire until used.
Permanent members would get codes at least as though they were annnual members.

This returns the 'viral marketing' phenomenon that built the closely interlocked LJ community to start with, while still keeping it open to anyone with money or a willingness to see ads. Don't like ads, but want an LJ? Get to know someone!

For historical reference, my LJ was started with an invite code, from a person on a UseNet community (alt.callahans). I like the tradition.

Yes, you can refer people to this post, please do.



Mar. 25th, 2008 10:26 am (UTC)
As I've said before, I'd totally go Paid if that allowed me to invite friends who could then have Basic accounts.
So this counts as a resounding YES !!! from me.

(O hai. Came here through link hopping. Hope you don't mind.)

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