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Magical Job Hunting

With recession looming large, I think it's time to review the magical job search.

1) When using magic in a job hunt, you don't just sit at home and cast spells. The magic has to have something to work on.

The key is your resume. Write your resume in a meditative state, focusing on who you are, what skills you have to offer, and what you want in return. Infuse the words with that "perfect job match" energy. The clear visualization of what you want in a job, both standard and intangible, will be an anchor for your job search, and will be what all the rest of your efforts hook into.

Write your cover letters and emails the same way. Do your homework, visualize working at that type of job. You can put energy into email - do it. You wanbt to load it, and the attached resume, with a "I can do this well" type of energy.

When you get a phone screen, visualize yourself working for or with the person. Smile, even on the phone. Mentally reach out and meet them. Don't try to control them, that can backfire very nastily.

When you go for an interview, plan to arrive early. When you get ready, put on your clothes like you were going to a ritual - get in the working mindspace. When you get there, spend a few minutes in meditation, reviewing your skills, your desire for the job, your willingness to work, your competence, and work your magic on yourself to make yourself a successful candidate in everyone's eyes.

2) Use your magic to bring job leads your way.

Your intuition and divination will help you find the right people who know the right people to open the doors so you can wow them with your magical resume.

Yes, spells to attract "people who need what you have to offer" will help find those contacts. Enchanted business cards, set to gravitate to people who need your skills, are handy.

Keeping a good list of contacts is helpful. You do it for your pagan network, do it for your work too. You might be surprised at the overlap.

3) Be a job nexus.

I actually try to keep track of who is looking for what kind of work among my pagan and fannish friends. I will refer people to headhunters who contact me with something that is not up my alley, but is up someone theirs.

This in its own way is a form of contagion magic - the more a concept of "person X is looking for Y kind of work" is out there, the more it gains momentum. It's like viral marketing with a magical component.

4) If you are unemployed, use magical practices to help your financial discipline.

Concentration, will, focus, planning - we use all of these magically, now it's time to use them to help manage our funds, and to attract good financial luck. Yes, we should use these all the time, but it's especially important when out of work.

Affirmations and rituals for work and money also help to ease the anxiety involved. Alone, they don't solve the problem, you still have to actually look for work. However, they do help focus on saving money and finding work, and give you the knowledge that you are using *all* of your resources to solve the problem.

Note: I do not mention deities, or specific rituals here. That is up to each individual and their magical/religious practice. YMMV, of c ourse.



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Apr. 9th, 2008 09:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you, this is very timely for me and VERY helpful!
Apr. 9th, 2008 10:00 pm (UTC)
I'm not looking at this moment, but it does seem like awfully good advice. Thank you!
Apr. 9th, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
The irony? The cascade that led me to post this was a post on dot_pagan_snark with some fluffhead claiming people were psychicly attacking her at work!
Apr. 10th, 2008 02:13 am (UTC)
Sounds pretty much like what I did when I decided to get out of the operator business. Not quite so formaly, but same principles.
And I got the job and shift I wanted. More pay would be good though. However, our plant will not be closing unless the bottem totally drops out of the ic business. Unlike other businesses, they're closing over seas and moving business to the states.
Apr. 11th, 2008 08:41 pm (UTC)
I quite agree...
...and a literal interpretation, too, of "What goes around comes around", on all levels, from the physical to the etherical.

Nicely put.
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