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Fairies, Ch 2. - REMF visit

Hmmmm. Seems as if I need to find a different way to designate entries. This one is way too short for a whole chapter.

Today I had yet another round of officious twits with questions about the zoography of the known races. Some of these REMFs never get outside of their own comfort zone, and the safe areas, so they tend to look at even our allies as if they were some sort of freak show. They are "fascinated" by the different, the alien. Never mind that we are at war with most of these "others" for our very existence.

What's worse is they started questioning my "attitudes" about the opponents. "How come you know so much?", blah, blah. Idiots. Any good officer knows as much about his opposition and allies as he or she does about their own troops. It's my damned expertise, and I have a damned good ability to put together pieces of data gleaned from a lot of sources to get the whole picture.

One jackass even accused me of being "sympathetic". Idiot. Being without blind hatred on the battlefield makes you more effective - you don't have the blinders of rage and hate coloring your tactical assessment. "Don't you hate our enemies?" the slimebag asked. What could I say? My reply was simple "I have a strong dislike for anyone or anything that is trying to kill me or make it impossible for me and mine to live. Other than that, live and let live." The jerk didn't know what to say to that.

I don't give pre-battle "pep talks" full of vitriol about the enemy. I leave that crap to the propaganda pushers at home. I point out weaknesses, what to watch out for, and emphasize what our mission and goals are, and that we're plenty good enough to meet them. It's successful. I have a lower loss rate, and a better unit cohesion than many others of my rank. My team fights smart, not mad. We also can better work with our allies, long term or short term.

Still, the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth, especially after they belittled the quality of the food we served them. Seriously, if you want haute cuisine when visiting a front line unit, you better bring it yourself. Otherwise, STFU.

That reminds me, I need to send out a hunting party tomorrow. Supplies are a bit thin. Maybe I'll even go with them - I need some pure hunting to get the bad taste of that meeting out of my mouth.

While we're supposed to be rotated homeward in under a month, I never believe it until we're there. I've been disappointed before. Still, I need to get back to where I can create without breaking the magical silence of a forward position. It's driving me nuts to only cast "necessary" combat magics.

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