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Blog Like Its the End of the World Day

I got up late this morning. Not unusual. I logged on to my computer to read email before going to work.

Holy shit.

Now, some people on my f-list are zombie obsessed. Others are survivalists. But when even the sane ones are going "Zombies! OMG!", there's something going on. So I dragged datapard out of bed, made her turn on the news.

They were reporting "riots" in the entire Bay Area. Uh, huh. Saying to "stay inside, don't interfere with law enforcement, blah, blah."

Bullshit. Time to boogie.

Grab the cats, the cash, the bugout bags, the camping gear, the gloves, the bleach, the water, the swords, the crossbow, and lots of hand tools. Get it loaded into my new truck. Go back in for heavy leather jackets and helmets. Grab the extra propane tanks for the grill, and all of the spare lamp oil, plus the two bolts of muslin. Datapard loads up the sodas and food, too. Damn, this takes forever.

One of the neighbor kids starts toward us, and he looks, well, dead. I don't know whether it's drugs or zombification, but I'm not waiting to find out. I crush his skull with one of the quarterstaves. Then I take bleach, while in gloves, and wipe it down.

As we finish loading what we have, three more come out of the community center across the street. Yelling at Datapard to get in, I start up the truck. She futzes with her seatbelt with the door open. I yell at her to close the damn door, and hit the powerlocks when she does. Flipped a U-turn, ran over the zombies. That is such a sick crunching sound. One was still moving. Backed over him, then took off. Datapard is in shock.

I filled up on Wednesday, but I figure to see if I can top off at a gas station. It hasn't blown up yet, and the ATM pump thing is working. datapard heads toward the inside to get a soda before I can stop her. Fortunately, another "patron" starts shuffling out, and she runs back to the truck.

Thing is, where to go? East is east side, lots of stupid people zombified. Same with west. Santa Cruz mountains, or Sierras.

Screw it, head for Highway 17, maybe take 9.

I have to run over about 10 more on my way to the freeway. So much for my paint job. I'm hoping I can find an auotomated car wash somewhere, to get the ichor off my truck. Otherwise, we'll have to be real careful and wash it with bleach when we stop.

KGO seems to be off the air - just the emergency thing going off. No traffic reports today.


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