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Killing Drama Llamas

As SiliCon approaches, more and more of my time is being spent killing drama llamas. You know the type of thing - people who get butthurt because of what someone said, or didn't say, to them or about them. Every con I've ever had any contact with has had them. Nothing new, there.

But nowadays, there also seem to be llama breeders, too - people who ecourage drama, who may not even be involved in the con at all, even peripherally, but love to whip up drama to feed their own little egos, or 'advance' their own causes. Whatever. These folks are a detriment to our community.

So, I ask all of you, don't feed the drama llamas - whether it regards SiliCon, or any other Bay Area convention. Don't try to play two (or more) cons against each other, it's childish. Don't let anyone turn what should be a good time for all imvolved into their own little stage for attention.

I actually have a great committee this year for SiliCon. Many of them I've known and respected for years. Part of diving back into con running five years ago was my way of giving back to the community that supported me when my life took a very nasty turn many years ago.

Anyway, I'm organizing a weekend long party for over 1000 of my friends in October. Please, come and join us, but leave the llamas at home.


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